Blog-tember // Day 7: FIVE things that bring me JOY

Today's Blog-tember prompt is to share 5 things that bring you joy. A lot of things give me joy but here are the first five that came to mind: 

READING : Give me a quiet space (soft background music is good too), a warm cup of tea or chai latte, and a good book and you'll see joy bursting out of me (find me on goodreads and HERE are my monthly book reviews). 

THE BEACH : There's just something about the calming sound of the surf, the scent salty air, sand between my toes, and the overall refreshment of a day at the beach

ONE-ON-ONE CONVERSATIONS :  I am an introvert but I still love (and need!) time with people, especially close friends I haven't seen in a while (like my BFF in the photo). It's like a breath of fresh air and I leave feeling so joyful and blessed by those conversations.

FLOWERS : Freshly picked or in their natural environment in gardens or forests, flowers give me sweet joy. And a fresh bouquet in my home always makes it feel more cozy & inviting

GREG : Saved the best for last. My husband has brought so much joy into my life. I have learned to let go of fears and insecurities because I feel safe, courageous, and beautiful in his eyes. He is more than an answered prayer because he is more than I even knew to ask for. Plus, he's mighty easy on the eyes ... wowza

What are 5 things that bring YOU joy?