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Lent and Easter Resources for Women and Children

My first thought was to write "Happy Ash Wednesday!" But I immediately realized that might not be received well since this first day of Lent usually follows forty days of a more solemn or sober attitude. But there is still joy in knowing that forty days from today, we celebrate Easter, the glorious and life-altering reality of Jesus' death and resurrection on our behalf. So, I WILL say, "Happy Ash Wednesday", because even in the sadness and reality of a broken world, we can still have hope that Jesus is alive.

I realize I should have posted this days or even weeks ago to allow time for anyone interested in ordering the Lent devotional before Lent officially starts (today), but, I will use the excuse card I have been recycling the past five months: "Sorry, I have a baby and I didn't have time to get to it."  It's true, but I do still wish I would have thought ahead. If you are interested in ordering it, you can purchase an instant download of …

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