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September Book Reviews

Bébé Day By Day: 100 Keys to French Parenting by Pamela Druckerman ☆☆ I enjoyed the author's first book on French parenting, Bringing Up Bébé, and had been wanting to review some of the advice she gave in that book, so I figured this would be the easiest way to do that. This slim book is basically all the advice in the latter book without her own experience the first few years as an American mom living in Paris. Also, the journalistic research was incredibly simplified compared to the first book. I didn't realize, until I started reading this guide, how much those two things she took out really mattered to me and enhanced the suggestions she offered in parenting the French way. Since there were so many "keys" to mention in this book, I think the author must have felt the need to severely shrink down the lessons into bite-size bits to fit all one-hundred lessons into this guide. I felt it was a lot more judgmental and focused too much on touchy topics such as return…

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