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June Book Reviews

  source: unsplash Preschool Math at Home: Simple Activities to Build the Best Possible Foundation for Your Child by Kate Snow  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ This book was written by a former math teacher-turned stay-at-home-mom who used all the activities from her book with her preschool child. They are all play-based (rather than using any worksheets) and include manipulative (toys, snacks, other small objects) commonly found in your home, so they're free and incredibly simple to implement. Snow organizes the book in a step-wise approach, with the first chapter focusing on helping your preschooler count to five using a variety of games, like counting five cards in a a line, then mixing them up into a scattered group and re-counting them, using fingers to count, and introducing the concept of zero. The next chapter focuses on counting to ten. Each chapter builds on the previous chapter, so in later chapters, children work through recognizing the numerals and matching them with the correct amount of m

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