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Art with Toddlers: How We Do It

Art, at any age, is an important mode of self-expression, creativity, and exploration. For toddlers, who are in the prime time for absorbing the big world around them, art is a sensory-packed, fun opportunity for all three of the aforementioned benefits of art. But, how do we go about it? There's sure to be a mess, right? And do we want  pretty completed projects we can proudly display on our fridge for guests to ooh and aww at? Or do we just let them go wild, without any direction (and deal with the clean-up once they're napping?). I am no art expert, but I have had such a wonderful time exploring art with Elliot in his toddler years and would love to share some ideas and tips that make it a calm, enjoyable, and creative time for us... even when it includes a little mess.  I am inspired by both Montessori and Charlotte Mason education methods/philosophies in the ways I teach and play with Elliot, so I have a mash-up of both for my approach to art as well. From the time Elliot

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