Oct 28, 2013

travel tuesday // paris avec la familie

Midway through our week-long Parisian adventure, my parents returned from South France to explore the city with us. On our first day, we met up with my dad's brother and sister (who were also visiting Paris during this week) and we took a stroll in the center.
First, we walked over Pont Neuf, past La Conciergerie, and  towards Notre Dame
 We eventually made our way down to Musée de l'Armée
We walked across the beautiful Pont Alexandre III 
 It was so fun watching my parents walk through Paris hand-in-hand 

 . . .  and of course, we loved Arc du Triomphe at sunset.
that's all for now . . . but stay tuned for next week's Travel Tuesday for some Louvre lovin' as well as some more of the Eiffel Tower beauty!

Oct 25, 2013

a little pumpkin at the patch

I haven't been to a pumpkin patch since I was in grade school + I especially wanted to go this fall because I wanted to see the wonder + joy in my little nephew's eyes as we explored the field of orange. Here are a few memories from my day with the most adorable little pumpkin :) 
 We explored the Animal Barn and Little C was fascinated!
Little C was SO adorable. He likes playing with basketballs + we think he thought the pumpkins where basketballs because he kept putting them under his chin and then chucking them. It was SO cute.
 I love being an auntie to this little cutie! 

Oct 22, 2013

travel tuesday // arc de triomph

last week during Travel Tuesday, I shared about our delightful day in Montmartre. What I didn't mention in that post is that after our beautiful adventure, we headed to the Arc de Triomphe to get a quintessential view of the city. We used our handy-dandy Paris Museum Pass to cut through the long lines and voila! we were ready to ascend the many steps up to the viewing area of the Arc. 

 This has become my favorite Paris viewpoint (tied with Notre Dame's bell-tower view!)

Oct 19, 2013

big//little sister breakfast

this morning was a fun saturday morning!

many of the "big" and "little" sisters of the big//little sister ministry that i am a part of gathered in my little apartment for a breakfast and fellowship this morning, and i am exited to share some of the memories with you all, my bloggin' sistas :)

i spoke about the big//sister ministry here. in short, this a new ministry that a core group of 20-something women and i prayerfully thought of because we all feel it is so important for pre-teen and teen girls to feel they have a big sister they can talk to. we are, after all, daughters of the Almighty Father and sisters of our Savior Big Brother Jesus, which makes us sisters . . . so it's about time we start acting like it! each of the big sisters (there are about 17 of us so far, i think) is paired up with a "little sister" with whom she pursues in friendship by praying, encouraging, + meeting up with their sister once a month. together, we walk together + grow in our knowledge of our faithful and loving Father.
 my attempt to recreate this pinterest pin
it was so fun seeing the pairs of "sisters" laughing + chatting!
. . . and was so great to chat with these beautiful ladies!
 here is a group photo (sans a few girls that had to leave early)
it was so great to hang-out with these fabulous ladies + watch new friendships be made.
i look forward to more sister adventures as the holidays roll around!