Oct 11, 2013

answers to two truths + a lie, and some pinterest crushin'

Alrighty, girlies, here are my answers to the following statements from
The Circle's Two Truths & a Lie challenge: 

1. I threatened to beat-up the first boy that ever asked me to be his girlfriend
TRUE! It was the first day of 6th grade, I was a bit nervous about the whole middle-school thing, and he leaned over the tiny desks in our science class and proudly said, "Hey Elena, you used to be kinda ugly last year, but now you're kinda cute. Wanna go out with me?" Needless to say, he did not ask me again.

2. I once ran a half-marathon dressed in flashy 80s garb and tripped over my converse shoelaces towards the half-way mark, limping the rest of the way. 
FALSE!! This was a fun lie to make up, partly because I would laugh at myself if it ever happened and partly because I really wish I could say I ran a half-marathon! Maybe one day (although I'll make sure to tie my sneakers really tight).

3. I spent high school prom night at an assisted care facility training to be a certified nursing assistant, secretly wishing I could have worn the pretty dress and danced the night away.
TRUE! I was a rather career-minded high school senior and skipped prom to chat with elderly residents while feeding and assisting them with daily living activities. My prom dress ended up being worn to a wedding that year, so I did end up getting dolled up. And being career-minded that early helped me in college, so I guess it turned out alright afterall!

Kyle, Bess, Jess, Kiki, and Emily Beth guessed #2. Good work, ladies!


  1. ...*sigh*... such a typical 6th grade boy response ;) But hey, it makes for a cute story!

    1. hehe, yes it does! I'll be able to tell that story to my kiddos one day!

  2. This is so funny :) I would've guessed the first answer is false because I could not imagine a single mean bone in your body!! So sweet of you to be training for a job taking care of vulnerable older adults rather than going to your school dance... those dances were never all that fun anyway :) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog... I have been a little absent lately from posting, but haven't forgotten about it. I'm glad someone reads it... i thought only my husband did. haha
    Enjoy the weekend!


    1. Aw, thanks! I was a fiesty sixth grader! ;-) And yes, it wasn't a bad prom night at all!
      And YES i love reading your blog, so keep it up (although I totally understand the absence with your busy schedule!)

  3. Haha. Great job coming up with your lie! :-)

  4. hahaha... what a response, but the boy deserved it!! :D Glad you still got to wear your prom dress :)


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