Oct 7, 2013

monday morning blog crushes

It's Monday morning, and I never blog on Monday mornings because I am normally looking in a kiddo's ear at the clinic around this time. But I am taking the day off since I am still not feeling well after I had four wisdom teeth extracted on Friday (ouch!).  So I thought I'd share a few of my blog crushes this morning as I am taking a lazy day to recover.

this enchanting, whimsical maternity session from Fawn Over Baby is too lovely for words.

be.loved blog's challenge to #bethelove by encouraging and inspiring other women

beautiful hand-made postcards with proceeds being used for a great cause at Caravan Sonnet

you are chosen. such powerful words and so beautifully shown by hello hue

i always get so excited to read the latest issue of set-apart girl

i love following along with the travel adventures of fellow bloggers, such as Katie's recent trip to Thailand, him+her's Denmark trip (I sooo want to see Denmark now!), mr. and mrs.globetrot's trip to iceland, and my sweet high-school friend's surprise trip to Rome 

* * *

. . . and here is a photo from this weekend. We had a beautiful, sunny October weekend and I was sick of being cooked up in my apartment after my surgery, so my sisters and I enjoyed an afternoon walking through the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. Sadly, due to government shutdown, we couldn't tour any of the historic homes, so we just meandered around the beautiful paths.

{more photos from this little adventure-turned-photoshoot will be posted October 15th for Hope Engaged's fall photoshoot link-up }


  1. Yes, Katie from Hope Engaged trip looked amazing!!! I am linking up on the 15th too -hooray :)

    1. So great to meet ya, Sheila! I look forward to the link-up! Katie's awesome, isn't she??

  2. That walk must've been beautiful but sad news about the not being able to visit the historic homes. :(

    Feel better with your recovery though!

    1. Thank you, Jasmine! So sweet! I love your flower crowns you make! Beautiful!!


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