Apr 11, 2016

Guest Post: 4 Tips for the Transition to Becoming A Mom

Today, for the In Every Season series, I am so excited to shared a guest post from Rhiannon from Whatsoever Is Lovely Living blog. Rhiannon writes on her blog about discoveries and lessons she has learned from studying the Bible as well as building a relationship with Jesus. I have been encouraged by her blog and know you will too! I asked her to write a guest post on motherhood since she is a mama to an adorable toddler, and I love what she came up with! I am not a mama so I am not qualified or knowledgable at all in this domain of blogging, so I am so pleased she wrote about lessons she learned about motherhood that will bless any new mamas or mamas-to-be!


When Elena told me that she was starting this new series about different seasons that women walk through I was more than happy that she asked me to write about the season I am currently in.
As I was thinking about this post and what I could say that might be helpful to wives who are venturing into the season of motherhood I was kind of at a loss. What could I, as a mom who’s still learning so much, have to say that might be helpful? I began to think and pray about it and I realized that all I can do is share my heart, my experience and the things that helped me transition from being a wife to being a wife and mom.

Apr 6, 2016

Marriage Book Recommendations

There are a plethora of marriage books out there and today, I wanted to share some of my favorite as well as those that have been recommended by different married women during the survey I conducted last November. There are quite a few that Greg and I want to read in the next few years from this list. Feel free to click on the link to read more about the book on Amazon. (Disclosure: These are affiliated links, meaning that if you choose to purchase the book, I would get a tiny compensation without any extra cost to you). I am denoting books that either I or Greg recommend with asterisk*.

First, I'll start with two books Greg and I have read together and LOVE:

You and Me Forever is not your average marriage book, because it doesn't really focus on marriage. A quote on the back cover  says: "The way to have a great marriage is not by focusing on marriage." Well, then, what should we focus on? The Chans believe Christians should focus on God first and foremost, placing Him preeminent above all else, even your spouse and children. Only then, when the greatest Love is in its proper place, can we love our families best. Using Scripture as well as wisdom from their experiences in their own marriage, Francis and Lisa discuss principles to have a marriage that satisfies the deepest part of the soul when God is the main focus. We loved the discussion questions at the end of each chapter and felt challenged to evaluate our marriage 'in light of eternity', as the Chans' subtitle notes.

This book is an indispensable resource for all married couples, and now that there are versions that focus on love languages for singles, children, and teens, it really is equally important for anyone and everyone that desires to learn more about their own love languages and those of the ones they love. Greg and I used the general principles of this book while dating and used online resources to find out more about each other's love languages. We finally got around to reading it the past few months and it has brought up awesome conversations about how we have been doing in loving one another in specific ways we receive best. I cannot say enough about how this book has blessed our relationship from early on in our dating season until now in our newlywed season.





* Elisabeth Elliot - Let Me Be a Woman 


Have you read any of these, and if so, did you like them? Any books you think I should add to the list?

Apr 4, 2016

April Goals

Looking back at March, it seems to have been a pretty productive month! There were a few big things I wish I would have been better about, but hey, you win some and you lose some, right? I will focus on those this month!

(1) Continue studying Luke with Interface women's mentorship Bible study at church, doing the homiletics homework, praying for the gals in the group, and being honest and real with them.
(2) Continue listening to the Bible through Bible app (finish Deuteronomy and start Joshua) to meet 2016 goal of reading the whole Bible using THIS Bible Reading Plan
(3) Listen to weekly teachings by John Mark Comer on the series,  Year of Bible Literacy
(4) Draw/write in Journaling Bible 4 times (YES, ALL FROM MY OLD TESTAMENT READING)
(5) Memorize atleast two verses from Luke  (LUKE 23:34 AND 24:27)
(6) One week of the the Seven Sacred Pauses (NO, I FORGOT ABOUT THIS!)
(1)Jog twice a week and free weights once a week to build endurance and increase mileage.  (I was not quite as consistent with working out as I would have liked, but I still was better than previous months)
(2) Food Elimination Diet to evaluate for any food sensitivities (I STARTED RIGHT AT THE END OF THE MONTH, BUT IT COUNTS!)

(1) Have honest, vulnerable conversations with Greg and trusted friends about fears and anxieties (rather than avoiding issues and allowing them to steal my joy and peace)
(2) Continue taking a sabbath from social media on Sundays
(3) Take one week off from social media  (I DID IT DURING 'HOLY WEEK'/WEEK OF EASTER & IT WAS SO GOOD TO STEP AWAY)
(1) Read & review 4-5 books (YES! READ MY 8 BOOK REVIEWS HERE)
(2) Review old nursing coursework and journal articles to prepare for starting my new jobs
(1) Have a couple over for a homemade dinner and have intentional conversation
(2) Write to the child I sponsor through Compassion
(1) Work on budgeting with Greg & discussing finances. (GREG DID A LOT BUT I KINDA AVOIDED IT)
(1) Continue new series, In Every Season  (SEE POSTS HERE)
(1) Two acts of kindness towards strangers
(2) Play my violin atleast twice 


This month, I want to try to simplify my goals to only a few in each category, specifically goals I have been having trouble completing. This will help me be more intentional about those specific goals and a better chance I will do them!

(1) Review memory verses from Luke that I learned.

( 1) Complete the 4-5 week Food Elimination Diet so I can figure out what my body is sensitive to.  
(2) Exercise 2x/week

(1) Review old nursing coursework and journal articles to prepare for starting my new jobs
(2) Read one book that I have read before that is already in my bookshelf along with 4-5 new books

(1) Have a couple over for a homemade dinner and have intentional conversation with them and my husband.
(2) Write to my Compassion Child
(3) Write 4 encouraging letters to friends

(1) Work on budgeting with Greg, discussing finances

(1) Two acts of kindness towards stranger
(2) Play my violin atleast twice 


What are your April goals?