Apr 11, 2016

Guest Post: 4 Tips for the Transition to Becoming A Mom

Today, for the In Every Season series, I am so excited to shared a guest post from Rhiannon from Whatsoever Is Lovely Living blog. Rhiannon writes on her blog about discoveries and lessons she has learned from studying the Bible as well as building a relationship with Jesus. I have been encouraged by her blog and know you will too! I asked her to write a guest post on motherhood since she is a mama to an adorable toddler, and I love what she came up with! I am not a mama so I am not qualified or knowledgable at all in this domain of blogging, so I am so pleased she wrote about lessons she learned about motherhood that will bless any new mamas or mamas-to-be!


When Elena told me that she was starting this new series about different seasons that women walk through I was more than happy that she asked me to write about the season I am currently in.
As I was thinking about this post and what I could say that might be helpful to wives who are venturing into the season of motherhood I was kind of at a loss. What could I, as a mom who’s still learning so much, have to say that might be helpful? I began to think and pray about it and I realized that all I can do is share my heart, my experience and the things that helped me transition from being a wife to being a wife and mom.

Going into having a child I really thought I was prepared. I had been working with children since I was 12 and everyone had always told me I was a natural. I felt confident that I knew what I was doing. I could handle having a baby, I was ready for this.

Or was I?

Not long after my sweet princess was born, I realized that yes, I had the knowledge to care for my child’s needs, but I did not know how to care for her needs, my needs and my husband’s needs all at the same time. I made the mistake of forgetting that even though I had been working with kids for years they were all someone else’s children. While I loved them dearly there’s a difference in caring for a child and caring for your child.

I was prepared for the transition that happened when I got married, but I was not prepared for what would happen when our family of two became a family of three. Through trials and tears, there are a few things I learned that might help if you are in this season of your life.

1. Do not forget about your husband
Once baby arrives it is hard to split your time and attention between the man you love and the child you birthed. I understand, believe me, but the best thing you can do for your child is keep loving and growing with your husband. Intimacy will be minimal for a while, but during this time find ways to spend time together. The most important thing is learn to be intentional with each other.

2. Give Yourself Grace
For some, having a baby at home is easier than for others, but whatever your experience, it is always important to remember to give yourself some grace. If dinner does not get on the table and you end up eating sandwiches, that’s okay. Life is going to change and finding your new routine will take time. It is okay.

3. Find A Hobby or Mom’s Group
My princess was born in January, so for months it felt like we could not go anywhere because it was so cold. During those months I felt so alienated. I had not only had a baby, but I had also just left my friends and moved to the other side of the state. Baby, plus being cooped up, plus no friends, plus a husband that traveled left me feeling sad and lonely. If it had not been for blogging, I might have gone crazy during those months. Thankfully, I had a way to be active without getting out.

Find something to do if you are a stay-at-home mom. If you are a mom that works, do the same. If you live in a big enough city find a Mom’s group, get involved at church, do something to get out there. Hobbies or groups help us have fun, and build relationships. This helps keep our sanity at times.

4. Do Not Lose Sight of Who You Are
After we have children, we have a tendency to forget who we are as a person. We are Moms and that is one of the most important titles in the world, but we are also women who might have dreams and callings. It took me years to understand that it was okay to be a mom and a dreamer. We must not sacrifice our family for our dreams because I do not believe that is God’s will, but it is His will for us to walk out both. Ask for God’s guidance on His dream for you and His strength to help you walk out being a Mom, a Wife, and a daughter of destiny.

Calling & A Journey
When we have children, we learn that they model a lot of what they do from what they see us do. My little one sees me dance or praise the Lord and she will immediately try to do the same. She models what Mama does. The same goes for us modeling calling. When God places a calling on our life, it is our responsibility to walk it out. As our children see us pursue God’s call along with being dedicated to our family, they learn how to do the same with their families.

I am still learning and growing in my role as a Mom and a Wife, but these four things have been foundational for me as I have grown during the past few years. There will be many ups and downs during this journey of marriage and motherhood, but with God you never walk alone.
 Enjoy the time that you have with just you and your husband and then when the little blessing comes remember to enjoy the moments. The days are long, but the years are short.

Be blessed, be encouraged and live in the lovely as it comes with every day.


Thanks so much for the wise words, Rhiannon! To read more of her work, click on the photo below!

Whatsoever Is Lovely Living


  1. Great ideas! It can be such a tough transition. Thanks for sharing with #LMMLinkup!

  2. Wonderful post and becoming a mother changes us as a woman in so many areas. Good ways, but changes all the same. I will be featuring this post on this week's Tuesday Talk link up for my I am WOMAN series. You can find me at www.grammietime2.blogspot.com Great job!


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