Dec 27, 2013

leavenworth // dashing through the snow

Well, Christmas is over. Sad, right? 
We anticipate it, decorate for it, and plan for it  . . . 
and then it's gone within an eye's blink. 
But the joy of Jesus lives on throughout the year.
That's good news!

I wanted to share my last day in the beautiful Leavenworth.
{ see posts one and two }
We spent the morning dashing through the snow in a two-horse opened sleigh.
It was such a beautiful ride and we enjoyed the sweet together time.
And then the trip finished and we were on our long drive home. Look at the sunset we caught!
 We stopped by the Stonehenge Memorial near the Maryhill Museum

Merry {belated} Christmas!

Stay tuned for a few posts to close off 2013 by posting
thirteen favorite moments of 2013 and thirteen favorite posts within the next few days!


  1. Are those all siblings or other family members? So love seeing these beautiful pictures you post of your amazing adventures!

    1. Those are ALL sibs! :) Thank you dear!! I love sharing all the fun places I am so blessed to see. It's always been a dream to travel and I am so thankful for the opportunity every time . . . especially when I can grab my family along for the ride and show them how beautiful this world is!

  2. Your post screams Christmas! I love, love, love all these snowy pictures. So fun!!! So glad you had an amazing Christmas friend. :)

    1. Aw, thanks, Allison!! I love those photos too. I may or may not have almost fell from the bumpy sleigh ride because I was so busy snapping photos and not paying attention !

  3. What an amazing trip! The ultimate christmas experience!

    1. Yes it was!! YOU NEED TO VISIT!! It's quite the drive, but soooo worth it!!!


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