Dec 13, 2013

shop hop

I'm currently riding shot-gun as the co-pilot for our family weekend trip to a winter wonderland, Leavenworth, Washington! I'm so excited for family time in the adorable German-esque town!

I want to share a few photos from my relaxing Wednesday morning. I had a great breakfast coffee chat with one of my favorite people on this earth, a fellow nurse (we met in nursing school seven years ago) who is soon leaving to Africa with her husband for medical ministry for 6 months. I love her heart for missions and am so blessed by her friendship. 

Afterwards, I did some shopping around the neighborhood (Stark & 80th) which happens to be my favorite neighborhoods in Portland. Whenever I'm in town, I love to visit the many shops on this street because they support local artisans ... Plus everything is simply adorb. My favorite shops for pretty starionary, jewelery, candles, and small gifts are It's A Gift and Branch Birdie. (I can't post the link using the Blogger app, but I will once I use a computer). I bought a new Christmasy candle from It's A Gift by Paddwax from the Library collection. It's the Charles Dickens candle and smells like juniper and other winter scents. 

My favorite place to buy locally-designed dresses is at Union Rose. Oh, gosh. I love this place. The owner now knows me by name in the 3+ years I've been an admirer of her pretty frocks she sells (she makes some of them as well!). She always knows what I would like to try and will say something like "I've been hoping you'd come by... I just received a few dresses that you'd look great in!" Now who wouldn't just glow at the sound of a store owner gushing over you? Super sweet and beautiful store! Here is the dress I bought a few weeks ago from here, as well as an adorable necklace I bought during this trip.
I finished it up with some good ol' antique-ing at what I call "the Disneyland of Antique shops": Monticello Antique Marketplace. It's a large shop comprised of many sellers who have little cubicle showrooms. I love visited during this time of year to get decor ideas because the store is transformed into a wonderland of Christmas loveliness! 
What was that?
Did you say "prove it"? 
Well, even if you didn't, I will :)
See? Winter loveliness everywhere! I bought a few things and I'll post photos next week!

P.S. check out my Instagram (link below my photo on the right sidebar) for photos from this weekend's trip to Leavenworth!


  1. So cute!!! I will definitely have to check that area out!

  2. OooO! Love all the retro Christmas houses and ornaments! =D

  3. What a cute shop - it reminds me that I need to get shopping!

  4. that dress.
    the frame + the antlers + the wreathe = OH MY GOSH LOVE!
    so cute!

  5. I LOVE cute little shops like that! Can't wait to see the photos of your weekend trip!


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