no room at the inn // my christmas poem

And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped Him in swaddling cloths and laid Him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn.
-- Luke 2:7 --

No Room at the Inn
No room at the inn for the King
No room for the God who came down as a baby boy.
Though the angels had a triumphant song to sing,
A King is Born! Sing a song of joy!

No room in the heart that has hardened to the Truth of His Word
No room for Jesus to call His dwelling place.
Though redemption is awaiting; amazing grace from our Lord,
A girl sits alone amidst the tears that fall on her face.

No room in the heart of the one who is swollen with pride.
No room at all for Self has taken up every inch.
Though He lead a life of humility, setting His Heavenly royalty aside,
A girl grips white-knuckled to her own accomplishments.

No room in the heart filled with regrets and guilt
No room for Emmanuel, God with us.
Though He promises to cleanse us as a diamond out of silt,
A girl feels unworthy with no one to trust.

No room for the King? It is not so!
No room for the Answer that stands at the door?
Though lonely, confused, broken, and low
A Man who was a baby so long ago,
Came to save these girls and show them there is more.
For Jesus gives us a future, a hope, and new life as our Lord.

*  *  * 
This poem was written after reading this from She Reads Truth's Emmanuel study.
One of my the things on my winter wish list was to write a Christmas poem. At the time, I thought I would write something about the beautiful scents and sights of the season, but really, what is more beautiful than rejoicing in the God who saves us despite the many times we neglect Him by leaving Him out of our hearts? I regret to admit that I often declare "there is no room at the inn" through my selfish actions, my reliance on my own efforts, and my loveless words. Yet, His mercy endures and he desires to save us from all that burdens us. For a King has come as a baby and grew into a Man who set us free.
*  *  *
“There is no space for the Prince of peace but with the humble and contrite spirits which by grace he prepares to yield him shelter . . .‘Well,’ says one, ‘I have room for him, but I am not worthy that he should come to me.’ Ah! I did not ask about worthiness; have you room for him? ‘Oh! but I feel it is a place not at all fit for Christ!’ Nor was the manger a place fit for him, and yet there was he laid. ‘Oh! but I have been such a sinner; I feel as if my heart had been a den of beasts and devils!’ Well, the manger had been a place where beasts had fed. Have you room for him? Never mind what the past has been; he can forget and forgive. It mattereth not what even the present state may be if thou mournest it. If thou hast but room for Christ he will come and be thy guest.”
 -- Charles Spurgeon --


  1. Love it Elle! Merry Christmas to you too, and many blessings in the New Year!

    1. Thank you, Natalie!! Have a blessed and joyful 2014! I look forward to new blog series you have up your sleeve! :)

  2. Beautiful poem! Many blessings as we celebrate our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus!

    1. Thank you so much, Tina!! Same to you and your family! And a happy new year!

  3. This poem is beautiful. Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I love seeing what God is doing in your life!

  4. Been spending time searching for the best Christmas greetings messages and card samples, or maybe gift ideas as early as now. Would like to express my love for those who've supported me the whole year round. Thanks for some ideas here!. :)


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