June Photo Diary

June was a fun-filled month. I can hardly believe it's a few days shy of being over! Here are some of the highlights from June:

I put together a Summer Reading List and read 6 books in June [read reviews HERE]

I spent some time at the pool at our apartment complex. Basically, I used pool time as an incentive to go work out in the gym, since it's right next to the pool. If I worked out, I allowed myself reading time poolside. #HowToGetANerdToWorkout

Greg and I flew to Chicago for my brother's wedding! We had a few days to explore the town and loved it (except the downtown parking, which was atrociously expensive!). Next time we are using public transportation because it was too stressful getting around downtown. 

The wedding was elegant and sweet. It was so nice to have our whole family there.

Two days after we got back from our trip, I turned the big 3-0! Greg spoiled me all day. He bought me a beautifully dainty chain necklace along with two books I have had my four eyes on (Elements of Style and A Tree Grows In Brooklyn). He even made sure he selected the book editions that have pretty covers because he knows me so well, haha. He later picked me up during his lunch break and took me to my favorite brunch place, Magnolia Pancake Haus. For dinner, he took me to a fancy restaurant I've had pinned on Pinterest for awhile: Ocho Restaurant in Hotel Havana. We walked off some of our calories on the quieter side of the Riverwalk. What a beautiful and memorable birthday!
 And two days after that (last week was a whirlwind!), we attended the wedding of our dear friends, Mr and Mrs Dodge.

What a fun month! Lots of adventures! I am so grateful for all the special moments with Greg, family, and dear friends. Let's see what July has in store for us!


  1. i love that you do this!
    it's such a fun preview into your life! <3 and it looks like june was truly wonderful for y'all!


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