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Last week, I started reading None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different From Us by Jen Wilkin. It has been a great study on God's un-sharable attributes that set Him apart from the rest of Creation -- and why that's a good thing that He is different. Earlier this week, I shared a bit about why I feel that studying God's character and attributes is important (see post HERE).

Today, I want to focus on an attribute of God that encompasses all other attributes: God is infinite. He is infinitely loving. He is infinitely powerful. He is infinitely patient. The list goes on and on. He has no beginning and no end. Instead, He is the beginning and the end (alpha and omega as mentioned in Revelation 22:13). He is the God of no limits.

Understanding this pivotal attribute of God helps us depend on an "infinitely dependable God" (p. 28). Since He is not bound by limits like we (along with the rest of Creation) are limited, we can put our trust in His unshakable, unwavering, limitless character. If I really believe that and live out of that truth, it will have an unbelievable effect on my often shaking heart and mind. It can transform my fears into faith.

All of Creation is measurable to some extent. We are measurable; our birthdays mark each passing year in our lives, our driver's licence lists our height and weight (whether either is factual is another point entirely...). Whether measured by length, depth, height, time, weight, or any other measurement, we place value and definition on the things around us. The ability to measure gives us a level of comfort, control, and understanding. We measure things and we measure people; we try to quantify not only objects but also the characters and abilities of people. We do it sometimes with the prideful arrogance, wanting to discern how they stack up against us in a never-ending dangerous comparison game. Other times we measure one another to quantify whether they are worthy of our trust, support, or admiration.

But we can never measure the God of no limits.
He defies measurement of any kind. His limitlessness underlies all of His attributes; His power, knowledge, love, and mercy are not merely great, but they are infinitely so, measurelessly so. No one can place any aspect of who God is on a scale or against a yardstick. (p. 16)
Anytime we attempt to measure God,  we are attempting to confine Him into a box. We try to limit Him when we don't understand what He is doing. "God wouldn't do _______. He is a God of love, isn't He?!" His greatness is unsearchable, according to King David in Psalm 145:3. His knowledge is higher than the heaven, deeper than the deepest depths, and broader than the seas, declares Job amidst his suffering (Job 11:7-9). Whenever we try to quantify God in any way, we will always lose because we are choosing to limit our vision of His greatness in exchange for trying to create a tame, understandable God.
Creation, existing within the limits of time and space, cannot rival, much less fully articulate, the splendors of a limitless God. (p. 21)
We have limits and it takes humility to embrace those limits and see that they are often for our good. There will be a limit to our love, forgiveness, and patience, no matter how hard we try (and we should always try to practice more and more of these!), but God has no limits in these attributes as well as other attributes that set Him infinitely apart from us in His holiness. This shouldn't discourage us or cause Him to feel distant because of His immeasurability. Rather, this can draw us nearer to Him because it helps us trust in the God who can never be limited by anything. That is a God worth following, surrendering everything to, and loving for all of our days.

Studying that God is infinite helps me find relief and rest. I am not called to perfection or limitlessness. He knows my weaknesses and my limits. He gives grace and strength, often allowing us to surpass what we think is possible, but we still end up limited at some point and that is okay because God does not call us to be limitless like He is.

God being infinite, immeasurable, and unlimited also leaves me in awe and wonder. It is beyond our human, finite comprehension to fully understand the concept of infinity and immeasurability since we are bound by time and space here on earth. Moses, after the miraculous exodus from Egpyt and parting of the Red Sea, was aware of his own inability to express God's perfection and limitlessness:
Who is like You, O Lord, among the gods?
Who is like You, majestic in holiness,
awesome in glorious deeds, doing wonders?

(Exodus 15:11)
There is none like Him.
Praise Him. Trust Him. Rely on His infinite love, power, forgiveness, and knowledge.


How should the knowledge that God is INFINITE change the way I live? 


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  1. <3 This sounds like a wonderful study! It's absolutely true that there is none like Him!!! <3

    1. Thank you Susannah! I just posted a new post about God being incomprehensible if you want to take a peek when you have time. YES, what a comforting truth that there is none like Him! Thanks for visiting!

  2. I want that book. Our Bible study leader at church brought it last week. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Deborah! I really recommend it. I am nearly done with it and it has been such a great tool in reminding me about our great God!


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