Mar 11, 2015

the story of Beautiful Hope // The Circle

I am linking up today with the fabulous Kiki from In Its Time and the wonderful community of bloggers at The Circle to share the meaning and stories behind our blog names. Without steering off on a tangent too far, I want to first share that I find names so fascinating. Whether expectant parents looking through hundreds of name options for their soon-to-arrive bundle of joy,  a new business that is looking for a brand to identify itself, or a nickname that a best friend or beloved has for someone, names are fascinating. They are chosen with care and intentionality, eagerly anticipating for the meaning behind that name to bear fruit as time passes on. 

Beautiful Hope was born out of a desire to experience and reflect on the hope that comes from Jesus. Originally, Beautiful Feet of Hope, my blog name was inspired by Isaiah 52:7 (and cross-referenced in Romans 10:5)   . . .

"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion:
 “Your God reigns.”

As a Christian that has been redeemed by Jesus -- given hope when I was hopeless, peace where there was restlessness, good news when I only saw bad news of shame and guilt -- I desire to have beautiful feet that walk in the valleys as well as the mountains "publishing" the good news found in Jesus. I desire to show the beauty of hope throughout my everyday, be it while I am typing a blog post in the wee hours of the night, talking with a friend who's experiencing fear and anxiety, or teaching my little sunday school kids. I want to spread hope. I want to show that there is a hope that is true and worthy. A hope that is more beautiful than can be explained with mere words. And, I believe that hope is found in Jesus. 

"I pray that more would be burdened to have beautiful feet  . . . 
Go, go, go. Run with those beautiful feet"

Around the time I started thinking about blogging (2011), I  came across a song by LeCrae named "Beautiful Feet". To this day, I cannot listen to that song without tearing up. Above are a few lines in the song that gripped my heart as the Holy Spirit impressed that we are called to walk where others would rather avoid; for our feet to step towards the hopeless and forgotten, showing them that they are named as loved, cherished, and forgiven by the God who came down to earth to give us abundant hope and redemption through Him. 

The idea of "Beautiful Feet" is not about perfectly manicured toes or a pair of strappy Jimmy Choo heels. Our willingness and obedience to walk towards where God is calling us, bringing the Gospel message (and the peace, hope, joy, and salvation that springs out of the Gospel) gives us beautiful feet

I chose to shorten the blog name from Beautiful Feet of Hope for the logistical reason of having an easy-to-remember and easy-to-post blog name. At times, though, I miss the original name since it reminds me of the original reason for starting the blog, but I do feel Beautiful Hope encapsulates the original meaning and hopefully brings curiosity to the reader as to know more about how hope can be truly beautiful. 

What's your blog story? Share it in the comments or visit us at The Circle and visit other bloggers for the stories behind their names!

P.S. I want to give a shout-out to Kiki for my blog header! Not only is she an amazing writer and blogger, she's got mad design and photography skills as well!


  1. this is wonderful Elena. I love that so many women linking up are so God focused and the names inspired by such. pretty cool!!!

    1. Thanks, Finley! I agree… It is so cool to hear the stories behind so may wonderful blogs!

  2. I love reading about blog inspirations! Here's the story behind Refining the Wild Grapes:
    It all begins in Isaiah 5:1-7. These verses were spoken while I was at a conference for young women called to ministry. Basically, this man had a vineyard that he cared for everyday and he made sure nothing harmed it. He did everything he could've done to keep it perfect but the vineyard still brought forth wild (or bitter) grapes. Instead of giving up and leaving it to die, he destroyed the vineyard to start a new one. He got rid of the wild grapes to start fresh, to make new, to refine. The greatest compliment to a grape is to be crushed and be made into a new wine. The same goes for us. Our greatest compliment is to allow God to destroy and refine us of all those wild grapes in our lives (anger, immorality, lust, hatred, sadness, envy, lying, the list could go on forever) so we can be made new. That's where I'm at, allowing God to refine me into something better for His glory and His kingdom. It's not an easy process but it's worth it.

    I can't wait to read more blog stories!

    1. Oh my goodness, Katie! That is such a beautiful story behind your blog name! I wondered about it before and never asked! What an awesome testimony to God's refining work and it such a cool platform as a blog! Thank you for sharing that!!

  3. First of all, I LOVE that song by Lecrae too!!!! :) That is one that has been one of my favorites and gotten me through some rough times.

    Second of all, Kiki is awesome! I didn't know that she made your header though. That's great!!!

    And...I loved reading about how you came to decide on the name that was just right for you blog!!! I can tell you this, it is a site full of HOPE in God.

    1. Yes! That song is awesome!! And yes, so is Kiki!!!
      Thank you so much for that sweet comment! That is my prayer for the blog: to bring hope!

  4. This is so beautiful!!! I loved reading about the meaning behind your blog name. =) My blog name is "Taking Dictation" and it's inspired by a C.S. Lewis quote - "I never exactly made a book. It's rather like taking dictation. I was given things to say."

    1. Hi Emily! I love C.S. Lewis!! I never heard that quote, but love it!! Have you read C.S. Lewis books? I read C.S. Lewis in 2014 and am about to restart The Great Divorce (I read it many years ago but didn't understand the allegorical style back then), as well as Screwtape Letters (another I want to read again soon!). I hope to dig into the Narnia books because I never read them!

  5. Very awesome that your goal is to be a light for Jesus in the blog world. Love it!

  6. Isaiah is full of so many great verses and the one your blog is named after is no exception! I love that your blog name is centered around hope because that is something I all too often need and need to be reminded of, too. What better place than a blog to be reminded of that truth?! :)

    Thanks for linking up and for the shout outs as well. You're the sweetest, friend!


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