Mar 5, 2015

Book Review // Hope Rising

Last summer, I read Hope Rising by Compassion International's VP Scott Todd. I never got around to reviewing it, but wanted to share a short snippet of my overall thoughts on the book.

Todd's Hope Rising is a call to action. It is encouraging an inspiring in joining the fight against extreme poverty, showing that it truly is possible. He mainly focuses on Christians' opportunity to serve the broken and impoverished, showing how Christ's example (and Scripture itself) backs this up and  explains what he believes is meant by confusing texts such as Jesus saying "the poor you will always have among you" (Matthew 26:11). He explores both individual as well as collective ways that poverty is currently being battled around the world by the rich and middle-class alike.

With an estimated 18,000 children dying daily from preventable causes, Todd emphasizes that the time to act is now. His compassionate heart is clearly evident and his position as vice-president of Compassion International backs up what he says in the books nice he is living out what he is calling others to do.

His call to action is assertive but not condescending, as some other authors or speakers may accuse readers as being lazy or disobedient because they are not on a mission in some impoverished country. He balances the book well by explaining that the general sense of powerlessness at the millions affected by extreme poverty can be daunting and even paralyze us into apathy, but his encouragement to get involved is meant to propel the reader into action, not smack them on the head for not being involved yet.

Here is a promotional video about the book that is very well done:

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for free through BookLook Bloggers in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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