Mar 23, 2015

Portland Spring Dates

Last month, Susannah from Simple Moments Stick emailed me and other bloggers to share some spring date ideas for a post that she shared today. The first 'spring date' that came to mind was my first spring date (week) ever: last year in April, my boyfriend came to visit me for the first time since we started dating a few months prior. So naturally, that week is very dear to my heart! Take a stroll down memory lane with me as I share some of our Portland dates last spring . . . 

City of Roses, Bridge City, Rip City, PDX. 
So many nicknames for this urban masterpiece called Portland! It was hard to pick the dates we'd go on since Portland is full of so many unique sights, but it was a good reason for him to visit again some day!

 Without further ado, here are my Portland spring date ideas:

 Portland's Waterfront
If it's a sunny day in PDX, the Waterfront is where it's at! We walked alongside Waterfront Park, crossed the Willamette via Hawthorne Bridge, hung out on the docks of Eastbank Esplanade, then made our way back to Waterfront via the Steel Bridge. The total walk was somewhere between 2-3 miles and was perfect on this lovely sunny day. We made a full circle to Waterfront Park and rested on the grass before heading to dinner. 
our first "couple" photos. Awwww :)

Pearl District
A few days later, we explored another corner of downtown Portland, the swanky Pearl District. Brimming with local specialty shops, cafes, restaurants, and the urban Jamison Park and Tanner Springs Park, the Pearl has become an iconic pearl of downtown, pun certainly intended. 
 Tanner Springs Park

Portland Saturday Market
 If you and your date find yourselves in downtown Portland on a Saturday, do not miss the Saturday Market! We goofed around, smelled all the homemade soaps and lotions, and our tried hard to tame our growling bellies while smelling of all the delicacies around us. 

Pittock Mansion
We ended our tour of downtown Portland by watching the sunset at Pittock Mansion, which boasts a gorgeous view of downtown and is just minutes away from my favorite downtown shopping area, 23rd Avenue. 

Laurelhurst Park
Quite possibly my favorite park in Portland, Laurelhurst boasts several miles of walking paths, a spring-fed pond, and plenty of trees under which to read a book or share a picnic. It is a few minutes away from Belmont, a hip area full of great restaurants, so it is a great place to work off some calories before or after enjoying a good meal!

Day Trips Near Portland
We also took a few short trips out of Portland, which made for gorgeous northwest scenery for my Texan handsome mister to enjoy!

Seaside & Ecola State Park
The Oregon coast is something beautiful to behold no matter the season. This spring beach trip was a bit windy, but we didn't mind since it was dry and sunny! We walked around Seaside, enjoyed sushi at Tora Sushi Lounge , threw the frisbee on the beach, and relaxed on a bench overlooking the gorgeous view from Ecola State Park.  Less than 2 hour drive from Portland, it makes for a great escape from the busy city!

Angel's Rest
This beautiful hike is located about 45 minutes outside of Portland, on the western end of the Columbia River Gorge. It boasts an exposed bluff that gives a nearly 360 degree view including Beacon Rock, Silver Star Mountain, and the Columbia River. It is a 2.4 moderately-easy trail and is worth the view. G and I made 3/4 up this time around because we wanted to relax and chat at a nice spot we found, so we let my brothers go ahead to the top. 

Spring in Portland is gorgeous! G and I loved exploring the city as well as escaping to the coast and the gorge, especially since the rain stayed away all week (which is quite a miracle in April!).  

What are your favorite spring date ideas in (or around) your city? Be sure to visit Susannah's post for a myriad of ideas from other bloggers!


  1. Beautiful! I've been to Oregon/Portland, but never with my husband. We'll have to change that soon! :)

    1. Ah, yes you should, Nathana! It's full of great date ideas, especially in the summer when it's least rainy!

  2. That looks like so much fun, i love all your pictures, makes me want to visit!

    1. Thanks, Diana! YES! You should visit Portland one day! So many great things to do, rain or shine! :)

  3. loveeee
    y'all always look like you're having a blast (seriously!)
    and those beaches = swooon

    1. Thanks, Amy! Yeah, we have a lot of fun! I tend to become a Debbie Downer halfway through our trip because I realize our 5-6 days trips to see each other will eventually end and we'll be back to long-distance for atleast a month or two, which is a big bummer… but he's really good about reminding me to be happy in the moment and not stealing joy from today to worry about tomorrow. So that reminder typically helps make me relax, enjoy the time we get together, and act like a goofball :) And yes, the beach is definitely swoon-worthy!!!

  4. I must get myself back to Portland! I have family there, but I haven't been for quite some time. You paint such a lovely picture!

  5. Looks like a LOT of fun! I've never spent much time in Portland (or Oregon really), but it seems there is plenty to do if I get the chance! Great photos!


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