Mar 3, 2015

Goodbye February // Hello March!

February flew by! It was a great month of reading (4 books!), traveling (Texas), productivity (cleaning, organizing, learning more about finances), & I finally ran a 5K (a goal I've had for many years, but never got around to actually doing!). Let's see what March has up it's sleeve!

February Goals
>> Finish 2 books: Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Societyby Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows) (Yes! I finished 4 books in February. I reviewed them here)
>> Take my 4 bags of clothing to Plato's Closet to try to sell & make some ca$h (I only made $7 off 3 things. But I joined a FB local group and sold a few more things!)
>> Meet with my "little sister" that I mentor and catch up
>> Book NYC tickets for May!
>> Book NYC AirBnb apartment!
>> Start a book on finances, such as The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
>> Train for a 5K and then run it at the end of the month in Texas with friends and my boyfriend! (Yes! We had a blast running our first 5K together!)
>> Check my Mint account/bank account atleast once to track spending and budget
>> Buy a nice skillet to replace my old one that has lived past it's prime.
>> Get a library card at my local library and look for audiobooks to check out
>> Write a letter to the child I sponsor through Compassion International. 
>> Study Philippians using the 5P Bible Study method from Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin
(I got through 2 chapters in February and am LOVING this Bible study method!
>> 1 new recipe  (Yes! Check out the crockpot quinoa enchilada recipe I posted!)
>> Get tax documents ready for filing


March Goals
>> Sell at least 4 items (clothes and apartment decor) on Facebook local buy-sell-trade groups.
>> Check mint account weekly and work on budgeting
>> Continue reading The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey & start brainstorming budgeting ideas.
>> Clean up my iPhoto albums, deleting unwanted photos
>> Call Comcast about my super slow internet
>> Pray specifically & intentionally encourage/reach out to one friend a week
>> Study Philippians chapters 3 and 4 using Jen Wilkin's 5P Bible Study method from Women of the Word. (See more info about this here)
>> Meet with my "little sister" that I mentor and catch up
>> Write back to my Compassion International sponsor child (she sent me a sweet letter!)
>> Book NYC tickets for May!
>> File taxes for me and my siblings through TurboTax
>> New crockpot recipe

(Race day at Mission Concepcion in San Antonio!)


  1. Congrats on the 5K & all the goals you met! =) I've never had much luck at Plato's Closet, either - I've sold a few things, but I always end up taking back the bulk of what I take in. I've sold a couple things on eBay in the past & have just started doing that again - so I hope that will give me some extra cash & get rid of unneeded items. What are you doing in NYC this spring? =)

    1. The girl at Plato's Closet said that my style was "too sophisticated"! I started laughing and by the way she said it, it was as if I was an elderly woman!
      I am going to NYC with my sisters (they've never beed; I went 2 years ago) and will meet my bf up north for a wedding, then explore NYC with him and my sisters for a few days! So excited!! Have you been to NYC before, Bess?

  2. Girl, you are SO good at setting goals... I am blown away by your lists! Dave Ramsey is pretty great (I'm a little biased since I work for him, haha). I definitely think you should give EveryDollar a try. I have been using it since November and I really love it. It's simple and easy to navigate, which is important to me, PLUS it incorporates his baby step method and helps you to reach you financial goals. And to top it off, there will be an iOS app for iPhone (I'm currently user testing the beta version) and it's so great to have that kind of access straight from our phones (i.e. if I go get a cup of coffee for $4, I can immediately add that transaction into by EveryDollar budget and it all syncs up). Not trying to plug ED, but it's really awesome.

    I feel like you are always reading a ton of books -- how do you make the time for all that reading? Because I literally have a stack of 15+ books waiting to be read that are just taunting me from my nightstand. Ha!

    1. Wait… You WORK FOR DAVE RAMSEY?! Is EveryDollar part of Dave Ramsey's business? Mint has been pretty good to me so far, but I am really tempted to give ED a try!

      This year has started off on a big reading kick! I am not sure if it'll sustain at the same pace, though! I find it a lot easier to go through a few books a month when they're novels (I really like historical novels) and tend to take longer with the theology books and christian living (I am working on balancing quantity with quality. I don't want to rush through a life-changing book merely because I have a quota to meet that month). I listened to a novel in Jan and another in Feb through audiobooks from the library and would listen during my 35min commute as well as during my 5K training jogs. I try to set aside 1-2 nights a week where I can read a bit from each of the books I am reading. I try to stick with 2 (or 3, tops!) books at a time, because it can get pretty daunting to read more at one time. I love unwinding with a book after a long day of work, so it's a treat to light a candle, pour some tea, and pick up a book.


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