travel tuesday // carmel to monterey

We loved exploring the Redwoods, San Francisco's waterfront {123} and Napa Valley's Castello di Amorosa, but we were super eager to get some fresh air and hear the relaxing tide. Two hours south of Oakland, we started in Point Lobos in Carmel and heading north through the scenic "17 Mile Drive" and up to Monterey. Although it wasn't yet warm enough to take a swim, we found some rest and relaxation that was much needed. 

 Point Lobos and a little store in Carmel
 Lone Cypress (above left), one of Pebble Beach's main attractions, is one of the most photographed trees ever. It is one of the most frequented stops on the 17 Mile Drive
 Another stop along the 17 Mile Drive is Cypress Point Lookout. So many beautiful colors!
I can't remember the names of all these look-out points along the 17-Mile Drive, but they were all drop-dead gorgeous! I wish we had all day to sit around and enjoy them all, but we were soon off a bit more north to check out Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf
This was such a fun trip with some of my siblings! Lots of driving, but also lots and lots of laughs! 


  1. Beautiful places! I love the photos--so gorgeous!

  2. *GASP*
    just incredible.
    thank you for the mini vacation!

  3. Beautiful landscape and beautiful photos, just wow! And I love that lonesome tree - beautiful! Definitely didn't know it was one of the most photographed tree!

  4. Such a gorgeous area!! I've always wanted to drive that stretch!


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