Jul 8, 2014

july goals

June was a busy month (check it out!) and I admit I was not very goal-centered, so July is a get-that-engine-rolling-again kinda month. I want to be intentionally making progress towards my goals I set at the start of the year (an update coming soon!), while still giving myself room to be spontaneous, rest from busyness, and have moments of quietness to invite the Holy Spirit to guide my steps and change my goals and itinerary as needed.  It is a fine balance I have yet to master but hope to grow closer with every passing month.

June Goals:

+ memorize 2 verses [TITUS 3:5; RUTH 1:16]


+ finish the Food Elimination Diet I started 2 weeks ago to evaluate any food sensitivities [YES]

+ start a new She Reads Truth study (I got my Titus and Ruth packs ready!) [YES! THEY WERE SOOO GOOD!]

+ read 2 out of the 4 books I plan to read this summer: Hope Rising ( Scott Todd), Sarah's Key (Tatiana de Rosnay), Bittersweet (Shauna Niequest), & Meet Me in the Meadow (Deborah Hedstrom-Page) [YES! I READ HOPE RISING, SARAH'S KEY, THE KITE RUNNER. I STARTED BOTH MEET ME IN THE MEADOW AND BITTERSWEET]

+ blogging might be less frequent this month due to all the traveling, but I'll try to post at least once a week. [NOPE! I TOOK A MUCH-NEEDED BREAK!]

+ post a 6-month update on the goals I made in January [COMING SOON!]

+ read pediatric health-related articles or old power points to brush up on topics (30min at least 2 weeks) [I READ A FEW ONE WEEK]

+ listen to atleast 2 new Bulletproof Radio podcasts [NOT THIS MONTH]

+ get to bed by 11:30pm [SADLY, NO]

+ jog outside twice a week and find new trails and/or roads [SADLY DID NOT HAVE TIME!]


July Goals
+ jog outside twice a week and find new trails and/or roads
+ post a 6-month update on the goals I made in January
+ listen to atleast 1 new Bulletproof Radio podcast or other health-related podcast
+ get to bed by 11:30pm
+ read Bittersweet and Meet Me In The Meadows. Start C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity
+ memorize 2 new verses
+ finish #SheReadsTruth study on the Sermon on the Mount
+ liver detox/ juice cleanse
+ figure out a new plan to pay off my grad school loans
+ meet or atleast schedule skype date with a few friends and lunch or tea with local friends and 3 older women who I dearly love and want to seek wisdom from.
+ 2 new paleo recipes 

 [Crescent City, California during our roadrip in June]


  1. girl look how many awesome goals you completed from june!
    and I love your july goals (especially that detox!)
    also I am LOVING the sermon on the mount series- aren't you?!

    1. Thanks!! And yes, I am loving the Sermon on the Mount series!! Very good! I am about a week behind but enjoying and learning a lot!

  2. hmm... I hope I might wriggle my way into your schedule this month to claim one of those Skype meetups!

    1. Yes indeed! Let's find a good time that works!!


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