goodbye june. [you will be missed!]

goodbye june. you were very sweet to me.
hello july. you bring me back to reality

I took a break from blogging in June due to traveling and an overall busy month. I am slowly returning to reality, and with that, returning excitedly to blogging. The break has given me a spring to my step and reminded me of my passion for writing, so I was excited to write tonight! I am so unbelievably blessed to have had three weeks of vacation time in June. What a gift! I was in need of some time away from work to relax and rest from a lot of the emotional strain that comes with working as a pediatric nurse practitioner in a low-income area. I am humbled and strengthened at the same time to think that my Father God would give me such so many beautiful moments this month.

If I had three words to describe June, they would be EXPLORE [new places], CONNECT [with family & old/new friends, and REST [relax & remember God's faithfulness & goodness]. Now, here are a few of my favorite moments in June and those three words in action:

♥ celebrating my nephew's 2nd birthday at the starting of the month
♥ driving and hiking through the redwoods national and state parks on a sibling roadtrip to san francisco. we were in awe of the ginormous trees 
♥ exploring san francisco! biking 11mi from the ferry building, to the palace of fine arts, across the golden gate bridge, and down a steep hill to the adorable neighboring town of sausalito where i enjoyed quiet time at the beautiful marina.
♥ feeling like european royalty at castello di amorosa winery in northern napa valley. ohmygoodness. what a gorgeous place to sip on something yummy, then discovering the small town of castiloga and biting into a delicious pizza at a italian restaurant.
♥ feeling the warm breeze and sand between my toes as we relaxed on the beaches in carmel and monterey.
♥celebrating father's day at the wildlife safari with my parents and some of the siblings
♥ catching up with close friends by text and coffee dates!
♥ having a short work week after getting back from the roadtrip and then hopping on a plane to see several very close friends and my boyfriend in texas!
♥ adventures in texas: s.a. riverwalk [& mariachi band playing a song for us!], birthday surprises galore!, peonies and baby roses [favorite flowers], japanese tea garden, the s.a. missions, enjoying delicious meals [tex-mex, italian, mediterranean, bbq, etc] with old and new friends, walking and talking and just simply being so stinkin' joyful!!
♥ blueberry picking with my mom and a few sibs when i returned to the n.w.
♥ family beach trip for 4th of july weekend!! i just got back a few hours ago. it was such a relaxing time playing with my niece and nephew, catching up with sibs and my sister-in-law, watching the extraordinary firework show at seaside, and exploring new beaches along our favorite stretch of the oregon coast: cannon beach

goodbye june!
hello july. what do you have in store, i wonder?

the wanderings of a junebug 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! They were great words to mark this month!

  2. I am so jealous of your summer ;)

    1. Oh girl, you just had an amazing vacay yourself. I loved your photos!!

  3. Glad June was such a restful gift for you! Cannot wait to hear more about all your travels. Also, I'll be s-mailing you here soon about guest posting in the fall if you're interested. And... finally, I figured out how to see when I respond to a comment you leave on my blog: When you comment, be sure to now check the 'notify me' box in the lower right hand corner, and that should now e-mail you my response. Hope it works, and if it doesn't let me know.

    1. Awesome!! I'll be checking my inbox :-) And I will let you know if it notifies me now that I commented on a few of your posts (which I looooved, btw)

  4. Every once in awhile it is necessary to take a break from the routine. We need that change of pace and scenery and we need to just relax. Sounds like you are in great spirits now. Hope July is fantastic for you. :)

    1. Thanks, Tami! Yes, a break from the routine is so needed at times!


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