May 22, 2014

spring wish list update

Spring Wish List

I have been focusing on my monthly goals and thought it was time to see if I actually accomplished any of my spring wish list, which I now see are all related to being in the outdoors (because really, a wish list should be fun!). So here is how I am doing so far . . .

>> visit a tulip farm
Nope :( I was so busy during tulip season that I never got around to it.

>>  plant a balcony garden
Yes and no. I had a hanging planter that was going strong for about a month … and then I had a super busy week and it happened to be the same week we got our first burst of sunshine. I forgot to water my flower and . . . RIP pretty flowers.

>> bike, walk, and/or have a picnic near cherry blossom trees
Seattle's Green Lake pretty blooms in early spring!
Yes! I got to see a lot of cherry blossoms this year!
surprised by a cherry blossom heaven in Seattle's UW
Lovely cherry blossom's at Portland's Pittock Mansion 
>>  run outside in different nearby trails
Yes! I started jogging on a few rural roads near by apartment and have been so excited to see old barns, rippling streams, and miles of untended green grass. SO pretty! I also went on a hike last month on a trail I've been wanting to explore called Angel's Rest
Angel's Rest in the gorgeous Columbia Gorge
Jogging with a view of natural beauty!
>> visit farmer's markets and buy flowers 
Not yet! Our farmer's markets in town don't start until late June, so I still have a ways to go!

>> cruise around on my cruiser!
Yes! So fun! I cruised around the aforementioned rural roads 2 weeks ago and fell in love with the area.

Stay tuned for my summer goals/wish list coming soon!


  1. Great that you did so much that you set out to do! What a beautiful Spring! :)

    1. Thanks, Erica! It was great blogging about it because it helped me stay accountable for the goals, which were all really fun goals so it wasn't too hard ;-)

  2. I'm always impressed by how much you seem to get done in a given month! I'm definitely going to have to learn from you in this area of life =)

    1. Thanks! It helps to have monthly goals rather than only yearly goals because they keep me focused. I would be lying if I said I was always productive and met them all, but even the times I don't meet the goal is a learning opportunity because I can re-examine if that was a realistic goal as well as remind myself that sometimes the specific goal may not be the best or most important thing I need to focus on. I have been learning that it's ok to just scrap some goals for a season and focus on a few things rather than a large amount of goals that just keep me busy. I am a work in progress :-)

  3. So...these photos are AMAZING! I love cherry blossoms and love the color of the ones you captured! The ones in my backyard are white and they're not nearly as pretty the pink color of yours! And what a beautiful area to run in! I've just started running again and love running on trails. Sooo much better than a treadmill in my opinion. :)

    Thanks for linking up! I most definitely need to catch up on your blog, too!


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