May 1, 2014

goodbye April showers, hello May flowers!

Happy May!
It was a toasty mid-80s day today, which is almost unheard of in the NW this early in the season. But hey, I am not complaining! I got home from work in time to grab dinner and eat at a nearby park while watching kids wade in the lake, a few small rowboats drift by, and frisbees fly by. I read my devotional (the current She Reads Truth series, The Risen Christ, is awesome!) and journaled amidst all that summery cheer and now find myself blogging with a frozen fruit bar in my hand. 
Oh, sunshine, please stick around for awhile.

April was a busy month. I didn't get to all the goals I wanted, but still made some progress. I think it's important to make goals, but yet also hold them with an open hand and remember that while you're busy making plans, life happens. And this can include fun, exciting, spontaneous interruptions in your neat, goal-oriented month like this month was for me, or hard trials that sent your month to a screeching halt. Whatever it is, it's ok for some plans to be put on hold to make time available for more important things once in a while. 

April Goals
++ spend 1/2 hour each week reviewing journal articles and notes on nursing-related education
++ learn 3 new recipes this month (YES! paleo:bread, apricot muffins, banana bread, colorful winter salad, cauliflower rice, honey lemon chicken, mustard salmon fillet)
++ finish Open Your Eyesstart a new book, The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler, and read 2 chapters of Desiring God by John Piper
++  Take my sewing machine out of the box and actually use it! (Finally! I hung out with a friend and caught up while we figured out how to get the machine ready for sewing)
++ memorize 3 verses in the next month using this plan  (John 3:30; 4:23-24, 20:21)
++ get off phone and computer by 11pm & no electronics in bed (I did it a few nights! And it felt wonderful! Working on doing it more often!)
++ journal at least 3 gifts/blessings every night
++ meet with the "little sister" I mentor
++ choose a day each week to pray for the clinic I work at.

May Goals
++  spend 1/2 hour each week reviewing journal articles and notes on nursing-related education
++ choose a day each week to pray for the clinic I work at.
++ get off phone and computer by 11pm & no electronics in bed 
++ daily journal 3 gifts 
++ memorize 3 new verses from John
++ blog 2-3/week, including the current series: Travel Tuesday, Praising through Pain,  Cooking with Elle, & Elle's Book Reviews
++ Continue using She Reads Truth studies and journal prayers/thoughts
++ 4 new paleo recipes

Here are some sweet memorable sights from April caught on my iphone:

What are some of your May goals?


  1. The photos are beautiful! Love the spring foilage!

    1. Thanks, Bethany! Those photos were all taken during the one nice week in April. It was so sunny and spring-y! Loved it!

  2. No electronics in bed is a great one...I know I would fall asleep so much faster if I did that!

    1. Seriously! Me too!! I am still working on it (I am currently replying to this at 11:08pm… oops!)

  3. Well done on reaching so many of your new goals and learning so many new recipes. I look forward to hearing about your new recipes in future blog posts; hint, hint :) I know the electronics goal would be so hard for me to stick to. I don't think I could do it, lol.
    Would you like to follow each other? I'm following you on GFC :) My last Christian post was on trusting God; if you read it do let me know if you liked it.
    Love (your newest follower & fellow sister in Christ) xoxo

    1. Thank you, Louise! The electronics goal is a tough one, but I can totally see the difference in my sleep when I do it!
      I tried commenting on your blog, but since I do not have a google+ account, I am not seeing a way to comment. Is there another way of doing it?

  4. Matt Chandler is probably one of my top favorite authors! Did you enjoy his book? =)

    1. I'm on the second chapter so far and am really liking it :-) I'd love to hear which of his teachings you've really enjoyed! Greg sent me one I want to listen to soon.


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