September Kid Lit: Library Edition


September was a month of library books! Our local library updated their website, so it is a lot easier to search for board books. Elliot has been loving tactile books (anything with lift-the-flaps, touch-and-feel, and pop-up). They are interactive for him and keep him engaged during story-time, so I checked out a myriad of them. Our library is only open for contact-less pick-up, but we are so grateful for it, especially since it is only a short drive (or fifteen-minute walk) from home. We have taken many trips the past two months to pick up these fun books. Here are our favorites:

Feely Bugs: To Touch and Feel by David A. Carter (board book)
This is Elliot's current favorite book! He enjoys touching all the different textures on each page. From fuzzy bugs to feathery bugs, lacy bugs and wrinkly bugs, sticky bugs and pillow bugs, he gets a kick out of this touch-and-feel book we checked out after a mom friend recommended it. 

School Bugs: An Elementary Pop-Up Book by David. A Carter (thick pages, not really board book)
Alright, this author KNOWS kids! His books are incredibly fun. This one is filled with intricate and impressive pop-ups of different school subjects hiding behind boxes, such as a variety of bugs that look like paint brushes in the Art box, different ball bugs in the Sports box, counting bugs in the Math box, and the Spelling Bees. Such a silly book, but word of caution: your infant or toddler may end up tearing the pop-ups like Elliot did on a few pages because they are practically begging to be touched and he was a bit over-zealous! It will be one I will save for lunch-time reading when his hands are busy with food and not trying to touch the pop-ups. 

You Are My Baby: Ocean by Lorena Siminovich (board book)
This is essentially two board books in one! The larger page has the parent ocean animal and the inner cutout page has the corresponding baby animal with a short rhyming phrase. From a whale to octopus, seahorse, fish, and turtle,  it's a  great way to work on matching as well as recognizing ocean animals.

Five Little Ducks by Raffi (hardcover picture book)
I have been singing this song to Elliot for many months, so it was fun finding a book based on the song. I sing each page to Elliot and it's fun for him to follow along and see the Mother Duck call out to her five ducklings as one-by-one, they disappear. But have no fear, they make it back to Mother eventually, with their own little families. A slightly different rendition than the song I am familiar with, but still great!
Have You Ever Tickled A Tiger? by Betsy E Snider (board book)
Another touch-and-feel book with cute rhymes and different textures for animals, like a leathery armadillo, walrus whiskers,prickly hedgehog, and  fluffy ostrich feathers. 

Peekaboo Kisses: A Touch and Feel Book by Barney Saltzberg (board book)
This is a creative lift-the-flap AND touch-and-feel book that has animals (kitten, puppy, lamb, duckling, mouse) covering their faces with their paws on outer pages and when the page flap is lifted, they say peek-a-boo and have a tummy to rub. Elliot’s favorite is the mouse with its squeaky tummy!

The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter (hardcover picture book)
Elliot's first birthday party was Peter Rabbit themed, so I figured I needed to actually read the book to him, so August and September were fun introductions to this naughty bunny who disobeys his mother's instructions by venturing into Mr. McGregor's vegetable patch. 

Itsy Bitsy Spider by Richard Egielski (thick pages, not really board book)
Another incredibly intricate and impressive pop-up book (and also one I have to keep Elliot from ripping) dedicated to the lovable nursery rhyme about the determined and courageous spider who climbed up a water spout on a rainy day. The author is a Caldecott-witting illustrator, which does not surprise me a bit after enjoying the creative pop-up pages while singing the rhyme. 
One-Spotted Giraffe: A Counting Pop-Up Book by Petr Horacek (board book)
A creative and colorful counting book with pop-up number in the shape of animals like giraffes, zebras, fish. The pop-up portion is underneath a flap that is like a page-within-a-page. Elliot really likes flipping open that page flap to reveal the number. 

Happy Birthday From The Very Hungry Caterpillar (hardcover, normal pages)
This adorable book is a spin-off of Eric Carle's beloved classic, with the Very Hungry Caterpillar celebrating a birthday (with cake, of course). I read this sweet short book to Elliot several times on his birthday week. It is full of affirmations, such as a child being special and loved everyday, not just their birthday. Elliot's aunt made him the cutest birthday card with her quilling skills, so I just had to pair the book, the card, and his favorite teething toy together for a photo op!

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