Apr 22, 2015

portland's waterfront on a spring day

P o r t l a n d ' s  W a t e r f r o n t

Tom McCall Waterfront Park is a 36.5 acre park in downtown Portland that hugs the Willamette River and is a perfect spot for jogging, talking a relaxing walk, playing in the fountain, or watching the boats float by. It is a local favorite in the summer and can get especially crowded during many of Portland's festivals (notably the Rose Festival in early June). 

After an adventurous  hike at Forest Park (see it here!) and a delicious birthday lunch and dessert, Greg and I continued his birthday celebration by making our way to the waterfront to enjoy the sunshine. We strolled down the path and eventually hung out at the docks were we played the "Which Bridge is Which?" game, because so many bridges are visible from the waterfront (we used this cheat sheet, compliments of Pinterest, and no, it's not a real game, haha).

We headed towards the Waterfront Docks an relaxed beside the sleepy boats that looked like they were aching to float down the Willamette on such a bright day.
Marquam Bridge behind us
Hawthorne Bridge 

What a beautiful day! Spring time in Portland has brought some gorgeous days!

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