Apr 15, 2015

Portland Day-Trip // Forest Park

F o r e s t  P a r k 

As the largest wooded urban park in the U.S., you could spend a whole day exploring the winding trails of Forest Park, whether on a leisurely stroll or a challenging jog. With 70 miles of trails at varying altitudes, you're sure to constantly see new vegetation, babbling streams, and  scurrying animals along the way… and did I mention you're only a few minutes from downtown Portland?!

Greg spent his birthday in Portland and I wanted to show off a bit of our Northwest glory, especially since there was a break in the rainy skies. I decided on a short hike from Lower Macleay Park Trailhead to the Stone House (roughly a mile, one way), though we hiked a bit further since we were so enamored with the lush backdrop to our enjoyable hike. And though we were five minutes away from the busy streets of downtown, all we heard around us was the serene chirps of birds above us and the rushing waters beside us. 

For more info on Forest Park, visit the official website, as well as Portland Monthly's article of on the best hikes at Forest Park. 
 After an easy stroll beside the rushing stream, we arrived at the Stone House (aka the Ivy House and the Witches Castle). Built in the 1930s as a ranger station and public restroom, it was abandoned after storm damage and vandalism. 
 If you're in Portland on a dry day (or really, even on a rainy day, if you want the real NW experience!), head towards the west side of the city to Forest Park and escape to this tree-hugger getaway. Then head over to NW 23rd Avenue (less than five minute drive) for an after-hike meal at any of the myriad of restaurants! We had delicious lunch at Thai Bloom and an amazing gluten-free birthday cake at Papa Haydn's! 


  1. That place looks gorgeous! And that Stone House looks so cute! I love exploring places like this, there is always wonderful things you can see like that house!

    1. Thanks, Yvonne! It was a fun hike! I have lived within 30min of this park for most of my life and cannot believe I have been missing out on all of this for so long!


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