Oct 1, 2014

goodbye september // hello october!

"I am so glad I live in a 
world where there are 
O c t o b e r s ! "
>>> Anne of Green Gables <<<

September Goals
+ jog and/or gym twice a week  --> finally back in my routine & it feels good! 
+ Finish reading Meet Me in the Meadows and The Golden Key (by George Macdonald)
+ Get to bed by 11:30pm 50% of the nights --> roughly 50%, yes!
+ Meet with my "little sister" I mentor  --> I will meet with her tomorrow!
+ Dig deep in the new Hosea study from She Reads Truth --> SO GOOD!
+ Catch up on some of my favorite blogs, such as this one and this one
+ liver detox cleanse  --> starting a detox this weekend!
+ Write to my Compassion International child --> she wrote me a sweet letter too!
+ Attend a nurse practitioner seminar on mental health --> it was great!
+ 2 new recipe --> paleo minestrone soup and artichoke & tomato chicken
+ memorize 2 verses from Hosea study Hosea -->  Hosea 12:6, 6:3, and Psalm 19:7
September was a busy and productive month! It was the first month in a long time that I finished almost all of my goals. I tried to check on the goals throughout the month and put several of them on a 'to-do' list in my phone to remind myself of the commitments I made for this month.  I made some healthy personal changes this month to give me more rest and feel so good going into a new month. I am hopeful for what is to come. Bring it on, October!
October Goals
>> work out twice a week
>> Finish reading Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist & start Leota's Garden by Francine Rivers
>> Memorize scripture weekly with Greg as well as focus on  Psalm 19:7-8 from the Open Your Bible study by She Reads Truth that I did in September (which was SO good)
>> Review atleast 4 different Bible studies I've done in the last year by using my journals and re-reading the Scriptures so the truths continue to settle in my heart and mind.
>> Write to my Compassion International child monthly
>> 10 Day herbal detox along with paleo-ish 
>> 1 new recipe
>> Meet with my little sister
>> Get to bed by 11:00 on work nights 
>> Try to do Bible study devotions before 10pm (if I do them last thing before bed, I am exhausted and tend to rush through it)
>> Make a habit out of praying before and after my Bible devotions
>> Continue to journal 3 blessings per day in my 100 Gifts journal
>> Snail mail: 4 letters in the next month
>> Review atleast 1 lecture from my grad school powerpoint slides that is practical for my work setting
>> Continue to check my online budgets monthly

My cozy little apartment is ready for fall with my mini pumpkins and dried flowers. That's about as festive as it'll get for now.


  1. Your place is seriously So adorable:) So fall-ish! I love it!! And I also am inspired by your lists!! I'm going to have do try that one of these days!!

  2. i love(!!) all of your fall touches in your space!
    and wholly crow - look how much you crossed off in september! HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND!
    (ahem, that chicken recipe looks DELICIOUSSSSSSSSSSS)
    so many good goals for october - can't wait to see what all you get accomplished!
    (looking forward to hearing about this detox!

  3. Your apt. is looking super cozy - wish I could come visit you & become part of that picture {love all the details & personal touches}. Love the quote you use at the beginning, too - I actually just made a free printable of that quote on my blog! Here's to reaching all your goals! {I did start goals last month (you inspired me) - & I completed all but one, which I'm rolling over into this month's goals}. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I adore your fall decor in your apartment! You really have an eye for decorating. :-)

  5. Wow Elena, you've accomplished your goals for Sept, and they were great goals. That's so inspiring! I'm considering setting some goals now. :)

    Love, Laura S

  6. Love all the pretty fall decor that now come out! Your place is too cute =)


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