Oct 7, 2014

delighting in 1000 gifts // part two

Last October, I started journaling daily blessings or 'gifts' after reading Ann Voscamp's One Thousand Gifts. I am going through my journal as I hit one year since I started and feeling so blessing in a year full of delight and joy, even amidst stress and busyness. 

I posted my favorite gifts of October 2013 and now I want to share my favorite gifts in November and December 2013:

74. Older couples telling about God's faithfulness through their lives
77. My mom's face when I bring her flowers during unexpected visits
78. She Reads Truth Bible studies
85. Sunday naps
97. Monthly massage and catching up with my massage therapist
101 & 102. A clean apartment and the smell of clean laundry
113. Collecting 262 Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts collected from church
114. Surprising coworkers with pie and thank you cards
118. Serving lunch at Union Gospel Mission on Thanksgiving day
138. Writing Christmas cards 
145. Antique-shopping at Monticello Marketplace for Christmas decoration ideas 
and decorating my apartment
151. Spending the weekend with family in Leavenworth, Wa.
155. Sitting by a fireplace, sipping a warm drink
162. A Christmas gift from a sunday school kiddo. So sweet
176. Fog during my first jog of 2014. So pretty
189. Remembering that God is both sovereign AND good
193. My BFF's gift came in the mail
195. Paying off my undergrad school loan ($7,000!) to cut one loan off my list
204. Tea and goal-setting at Cafe Delirium 
218. Skype chat with Natalie from Heart Stirrings


  1. This list is full of so many things! Are you doing any She Reads Truth studies right now?

    I bet it felt great to get that student loan paid off!

    Have you ever met Natalie in real life, or just through skype? Blogging friends are so much fun!

    I love that a bunch of the things on your list have to do with serving others! There's nothing like it. :)

    And your pictures....They make me so excited for the next few months and CHRISTMAS!

  2. YEA for paying off loans!!!!! (Isn't it one of the best feelings?!)


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