Oct 28, 2014

delighting in 1000 gifts // part 3

After a three-week break from blogging, I wanted to return to my reminiscing of the gifts God has blessed me with in the last year [ part one and two]. After reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voscamp, I was inspired to start writing small as well as large "gifts" or blessings in my life. This soon changed the way I looked at each day. I started looking for gifts in the mundane, and they were brimming and awaiting to be noticed. Here are the gifts from January's trip to San Antonio. I've been down to San Antonio twice since then and so much has happened since. I loved looking back at these special moments that started it all. 

238. Walking down San Antonio's River Walk in January with two close girl friends in the blistery cold while dodging falling icicles from palm trees (that is pretty ironic, right?) 
240. Catching up with those two friends about what God is doing in our lives.
242. Experiencing the beautiful lobby of the historic Menger Hotel in San Antonio [see the post]
244. San Antonio's famous BBQ hotspot, Rudy's and catching up with friends who moved to S.A.
245. Exploring the caves of the Natural Bridge Caverns and the Wildlife Safari next door [see the post]
247. Two-stepping with a real cowboy. He was so good and I kept stepping on his toes!
248. Lunch with the girls at the Gristmill, a treehouse-like restaurant in the adorable Texan town of Gruene. We listened to live country music and visited cute antique shops and boutiques too [see the post]
251. Breakfast at La Madaleine in San Antonio, a French country kitchen cafe. 
252, 253, 255. Wayside Church's young adult group. We learned about the God's love. I got to meet some of my friend C's friends from Texas, including the handsome guy who later would become my boyfriend =) 
257. Walking through the historic missions [see the post]
258, 259. Enjoying the River Walk from a boat tour with my two friends and my handsome [see the post]. Then enjoyed dinner with lots of the young adults from the group we met earlier. And I got to sit next to the mister and chat during while eating delicious Tex-Mex (little did I know what joy the next 9 months would bring!)
262. Touring downtown San Antonio with friends [see the post]

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  1. So many gifts in this crazy world! Glad to read over some of yours!
    P.S.: It's almost the weekend. =)


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