Sep 24, 2013

tuesdays with elle

It's Tuesday night, which is my favorite night of the week. Mondays and Tuesdays are the busiest days at work and then there's Wednesday, my Sabbath day of the week! I love having a day off from work right smack-dab in the middle of the week! It's a great way to rest after a busy two days at work and prepare myself for two more. It's also a great time to do things I love, such as Tuesday night blogging, Wednesday morning neighborhood jogging/gym (depending on the weather), coffee dates with friends, and community group. And it all starts on Tuesday nights!

I love Anchored in Love's post about the current things she's doing, and it inspired me to follow suit and share a bit about what's going on this week in the life of this four-eyed nerd.

. . . #SheReadsTruth's Daniel study (I finish it tonight!); Desiring God (John Piper); Lottie Moon: Giving Her All To China (Janet & Geoff Benge); Keep a Quiet Heart (Elisabeth Elliot); and 10 Commandments: Set Free to Live Free (devotional for Mars Hill Church's current series)

. . .  I was watching Everybody Loves Raymond an hour ago. I literally laugh out loud to the point I am sure that my neighbors can hear me.

. . . my dried flowers that have kept their vibrant purple hues. Now that the farmer's markets are ending,  I can't bring fresh flowers home to brighten my flat, so it's really nice to see the pretty blooms welcome me home.

. . .  I had some of my vegetarian chili a little while ago. I changed it up by adding some sweet potato and it is amazing. Chili is my go-to staple because I can always change it up for variety and it's easy to bring to work or freeze for a night when I don't want to cook (like tonight!)

. . .  to seattle in a month! So excited to spend 5 days in a city that is so very dear to my heart and spend some much-needed catch-up time with my favorite Seattleites! 

. . .  to Ghost Ship's new cd, The Good King! My favorites are Mediator, Jude Doxology, Holy, Holy, Holy (one of my favorite hymns). It's currently playing and brings so much joy to my heart tonight to hear Truth-filled lyrics. Check 'em out!

. . .  getting to know bloggers! It's so fun to grow closer to blogging buddies through emails, comments, and non-creepy blog-stalking :)

. . . "I should probably go to sleep soon or I'll never wake up for the gym tomorrow morning. Oh well."

. . . relieved that it's Tuesday night! It's Tuesday! It's Tuesday! Gotta get down on Tuesday!
haha, that just happened. I am a bit embarrassed. Sike. 

. . . I stay productive tomorrow and get some things crossed off my to-do list.

. . . to think about all the exciting things that are coming up in October to December. I love this time of the year!!

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  1. Your work week sounds perfect. I'd love to have Wednesdays off, right in the middle of the week. :-)


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