Jan 31, 2012

flowers or the crown

I recently came across this George Macdonald poem from a friend on Facebook, and wanted to share it. 

"I said: 'Let me walk in the field; '
God said: 'Nay, walk in the town; '
I said: 'There are no flowers there;'
He said: 'No flowers, but a crown.'"
"I said: 'But the sky is black,
There is nothing but noise and din; '
But He wept as He sent me back, 
'There is more,' He said, 'there is sin.'"
"I said: 'But the air is thick,
and fogs are veiling the sun; '
He answered: 'Yet souls are sick,
 and souls in the dark undone.'"
"I said: 'I shall miss the light,
 and friends will miss me they say; '
He answered me, 'Choose tonight,
 If I am to miss you, or they.'"
"I pleaded for time to be given; 
He said: 'Is it hard to decide? 
It will not seem hard in Heaven,
 to have followed the steps of your Guide.'"
"I cast one look at the fields,
 then set my face to the town; 
He said: 'My child, do you yield? 
Will you leave the flowers for the crown?'"
"Then into His hand went mine,
 and into my heart came He; 
And I walk in a light Divine,
 the path I had feared to see."
May we trust in our Heavenly Father as we walk through dark valleys devoid of flowers or beauty, knowing that He holds us though it all. May we go wherever He leads, knowing that He is faithful and full of love for us, even when we don't understand the whys and what ifs

For me, this was a reminder that my city is my mission field. I often hope and wonder when I will fly to an impoverished country and be able to be a missionary. I seem to forget that it's not a question of when will I be a missionary; I am a missionary . . . right here in my city. I should constantly have the attitude and prayer: "Here I am, Lord. Send me" {Isaiah 6:8}. 

Will you leave the flowers for the crown?


  1. Amen! We are all sojourners on this earth and the Lord is using your faithfulness as a missionary right where you are. He's placed that longing in your heart to serve Him, better believe He has great plans for you!

  2. Amen and bless you. Come over and be blessed


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