Jan 17, 2012

the little things . . .

The city has been covered by fresh snow these past few days with anticipated snow storms to continue this week. And through this sudden change in weather, God has reminded me of His faithfulness in the little things . . .

I often come to the foot of the Cross with {what seems to me to be} big prayers. Right now in this ever-worrisome economy,  these "big" prayers include finding a new house or apartment to live in and finding a job as a pediatric nurse practitioner once I graduate my master's program in two months.  

God has been so loving towards me these last few days in calming my anxious heart about these big issues by answering two "little" prayers within hours of being prayed. I wanted to briefly share these answered "little" prayers and hopefully encourage others to trust in the faithful God of big as well as little things.

I woke up Sunday morning in anticipation for going to church. I opened the blinds and looked out my window to see that the majority of my view was covered in white. I immediately worried about how I'd get to church; the last thing I wanted was to be stuck in my apartment. I knew I couldn't drive my small car on the icy roads, so I looked up bus schedules. After some difficulty, I found that I could make it to a closer campus of Mars Hill that I had visited before with only one bus {as opposed to the three bus transfers to get me to my home church,  Mars Hill | Ballard}. I made it on the bus and suddenly realized I had not given any thought to how I would get home. I found out it would take me over an hour and three bus transfers to get home due the buses being on snow routes. I immediately said a silent prayer: "God, please put it on someone's heart at church today to offer to drive me home without me asking anyone".  I ended up walking in slippery snow for almost a mile from where the bus dropped me off, but I finally arrived to church. We were all invited to greet one another and I met a lady near me who was sweet and, after I quickly mentioned my adventure of getting to church, offered to drive me to my bus stop after church so I would not have to walk a mile. I was so grateful. The sermon started, during which another woman came and sat next to me. After the service, she overheard the first woman and I talking about the bus stop, and asked me where I live. She then proceeded to offer me a ride all the way home! To top it off, she knew exactly what area I lived at {which was great for me since I didn't know the area or how to get home without a GPS}. We chatted during the drive about our lives, encouraged one another, and even prayed for each other before I stepped out of the car. What a blessing! It brought me to tears as I realized that God answered my prayer for a ride home. And to top it off, like a cherry on top of a delicious cake, He even blessed both of us with a sweet conversation and encouraging prayer for one another.

The second answered prayer just occurred minutes ago. The snow has not gone away; in fact, even more snow  has come, and more is anticipated tomorrow. I took the day off from school today and thought about what I would do about work tomorrow. I work as a home care nurse and Wednesdays I drive 30 miles from home to work with a child with special health needs.  I worried about the commute at 5am with all of this talk of snow storms. I text messaged another nurse who works with the same child about the weather down there and how the conditions where. Long story short, conditions are bad. I did not want to leave the child without a nurse tomorrow, so I said another quick prayer: "Jesus, please make it possible for me not to have to work tomorrow and for someone to cover the shift". I asked the nurse, and she originally said no due to other plans for tomorrow . . . and then, within five minutes, she texted me back and said that she cancelled the other plans and was willing to cover my shift! This may seem small, but to me it was an awesome answered prayer because the last thing I wanted to do tomorrow was get stuck in a city an 45 minutes away with no way to get to my apartment.

These quickly-answered prayers where such a sweet reminder that Jesus is faithful! He answers some prayers quickly, as in these two instances, while other answers may take months or years. But in all, He is worthy of being trusted with all our needs. 
Unanswered yet? Faith cannot be unanswered.
Her feet are firmly planted on the Rock;
Amid the wildest storms she stands undaunted,
Nor quails before the loudest thunder shock.
She knows Omnipotence has heard her prayer,
And cries, "It shall be done" -- sometime, somewhere.
-- Miss Ophelia G. Browning
"Who told you that the night would never end in day? Who told you that the winter of your discontent would proceed from frost to frost, from snow and ice and hail to deeper snow, and yet more heavy tempests of despair? Do you not know that day follows night, that flood comes after ebb, that spring and summer succeed winter? Hope then! Hope ever! For God fails you not." {C. H. Spurgeon} 
"Oh remember this: There is never a time when we may not hope in God. Whatever our necessities, however great our difficulties, and though to all appearances help is impossible, yet our business is to hope in God, and it will be found that it is not in vain. In the Lord's own time help will come." {George Mueller}   
"When I cannot understand my Father's leading,
And it seems to be hard and cruel fate,
Still I hear that gentle whisper ever pleading,
God is working, God is faithful. Only wait.
-- Streams in the Desert


  1. reading this was such a joy. i loved seeing how faithful the Lord is in all things. thank you for this encouraging post. May God bless you at all times.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us, dear heart! Oh! His faithfulness is incredible...may He continue to instill within us hearts that hope in and rely upon Him completely, knowing that He rejoices in giving good gifts.


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