Favorite books of 2020


I read 151 books in 2020. Goodreads makes year-end infographics with reading stats, so THIS was fun to look at, since it had average ratings, longest and shortest books, as well as the full list of my 2020 books This was the most I have ever read before. I listen to a most of my books on audiobook format; in fact, 105 of my 151 books this year were read through audiobooks (all free through my public library). That's 70%! The rest were a combination of physical books and e-books. I find time for audiobooks when I am walking with Elliot at the park, exercising, driving, cooking, cleaning, putting away laundry, etc. So I have a lot of opportunities to get through books pretty quick this way (especially since I crank up the speed to 1.75x). I read my physical books either during my daytime nursing sessions (I keep a book on the table beside my rocking chair where I nurse Elliot) and a second book on my nightstand to read before falling asleep. We don't watch a lot of TV, so this also helps squeeze in more reading time. Ebooks are great when I am in a waiting room for appointments and when I am traveling and do not want the extra weight of physical books. 

To read my full review on each of these books, simply click the hyperlinked title to go to my Goodreads review. If a pop-up for signing in appears, close out of it with the X at the top right. You do not need to create an account to see the reviews. 


Historical Fiction:


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A walk down memory lane in books:

I would love to hear if you had any favorite books in 2020. Comment below and add a link if you're a blogger and shared your favorites on your blog!