May 5, 2017

Photo Diary: Jan - April

It's been a long time since I have shared some photos of what's been going on in our little corner of the world. Life has been pretty busy with work, weekend trips (typically for family events in Texas), our small group at church, and volunteering. I have slowed by blogging waaaay down, but it just hasn't been a priority this season as much as other things. That said, I wanted to share some photo collages of the past few months to catch you up to speed with some of the excitement and fun going on in our lives. 

In early February, I ran my first 10K. I had wanted to do this particular run for about two years (ever since running my first 5K) and trained during the autumn and winter. It was challenging but so rewarding to prepare for something I used to think would be too hard for me. I am excited to run another 10K this year ... this time with Greg!

Date Nights: At the beginning of the year, I decided I wanted us to be more intentional about our date nights. We listed things we wanted to do for upcoming date nights in 2017 and have been slowly crossing them off one at a time. We went to a symphony (watched Jurassic Park with the live music!), meandered around my favorite San Antonio neighborhood (King William district), celebrated finally being debt free with a delicious dinner, rodeo'd, went bowling after eating delicious pizza, and celebrated Greg's bday with a Spurs game.

Family: We have been fortunate to live a few hours from Greg's family and only an hour from the family lake house, so we had the joy of seeing them frequently this year! We met Greg's new nephew for the first time and celebrated Greg's other nephew's beay at an inflatable jump house (Greg donned a velcro suit and jumped onto a Velcro wall, which was epic), and we relaxed at the lake house a few times. 

Young Life Capernaum: Greg and I have really enjoyed volunteering as leaders with YLC, a ministry reaching out teens with intellectual and physical disabilities and pointing them to Jesus' love. I enjoy seeing Greg reach out and connect with the guys. He is so personable and makes them feel respected and at ease. I've enjoyed painting and shopping with the girls (along with dancing to their favorite pop tunes, though I am a horrible dancer!)

Magnolia Market: We visited Waco in April for the extended family's quarterly birthday celebration and arrived a few hours early so we could tour this gem! The spring blooms (both real and artificial) were exquisite and the little details were swoon-worthy. 

We spent this past weekend in California for a wedding and vacation, but I will save those photos for their own post!

Happy weekend, y'all!

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