Nov 7, 2016

Lake Tahoe // Day 1 + 2

When planning for our one-year anniversary trip, we wanted to go somewhere we could enjoy the cooler autumn weather, see the leaves change color, and go at our own pace -- with plenty of opportunities for rest and recharging after a few busy months. Lake Tahoe seemed to have all of that and so we were excited to explore it. A few days before our trip, the weather forecast was looking ominous. Three out of four of our full days in LT were supposed to be rainy. We contemplated canceling the trip and eventually decided we'd make the best of it. We are so glad we did! Lake Tahoe was a perfect escape from our busyness and absolutely breathtaking. 

We flew into Reno-Tahoe Airport and drove for 45 minutes in our car rental to our Airbnb home in the Incline Village neighborhood of North Lake Tahoe. We had the most hospitable hosts ever. They gave us great tips about hiking and things to do in North Lake Tahoe.

Once we awoke on our first day and walked outside, we immediately noticed the crisp mountain air, rustling leaves, and scattered pine needles on the pavement --- a big difference from our beloved (but too dang hot for autumn) Texas. After chatting with our hosts, we took up their recommendation for a short hike straight from their backyard. It was breezy but sunny in the low 40s, which felt great for hiking. 

We grabbed lunch a few minutes from our rental at T's Mesquite Rotisserie. Next, we drove two miles to get to Ski Beach. Typically a place sprawling with kayakers and swimmers, it was quiet and nearly empty since it was the off-season. Perfect for a little stroll on the sand.

Across the street from Ski Beach is a 1-mile fitness trail. It was a fun trail with pull-up bars at various stations of the trail as we walked the easy, leveled trail. The brilliantly vivid leaves were breathtaking. And the rushing creek was so relaxing to hear in the background. 

We finished off the day with some soothing, flavorful pho at Indu's Asian Noodles.



It rained all day on our second full day in Lake Tahoe so we mostly just had (much needed) introvert time at a cute beachside coffee shop in Kings Beach aptly named Kings Cafe. I ordered a delicious steamed apple cider with caramel sauce (it was perfection). We read, talked, journaled, and just relaxed with a beautiful view right in front of us. The rain let up for a few minutes so we were able to get a glimpse  of the beach. We later ended up watching a UoH football game in our Airbnb rental. 

 Stay tuned for Day 3 of our Lake Tahoe Trip, coming soon!

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