Product Review: Halloween pillows

I have been wanting to stock up on holiday decor but we have a small apartment and buying a ton of stuff is not entirely ideal right now. So I was excited when I saw these Halloween pillowcases from They fit over my existing pillows in my living room and are easy to pack away when the seasons change. No extra pillows to find a storage spot since they're just pillowcases, which keeps the clutter down (woohoo!). Plus, they are adorable ... I mean, how cute are the reading owls and black kitty?? And an added bonus is that they're each under $5! 

I don't typically decorate until Christmas season starts to roll around because I just never bought other seasonal stuff, so I am excited to add these two pillowcases to my collection and am excited to see what Christmas pillowcases they'll have coming up. They have a ton more pillowcase choices, so feel free to look around their website for more options!

HERE is the link for the kitty + pumpkin pillowcase
HERE is the link for the reading owls
Packs away easily since they're pillowcases rather than full pillows.

Disclaimer: I have received free products from in exchange for an honest review, which I have provided here.