October Goals

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." (Anne of Green Gables)

Yes indeed! I am excited for October! It's our anniversary month (we turn ONE!), the Texas heat is starting to cool off (woohoo!), and just about anything autumn-related makes me happy (I recently wrote about it HERE). But before I get ahead of myself, let's start with September.


Review of September Goals

(1) Use different methods to study a Psalm a day, whether using lectio devina or the Observation, Interpretation, Application method. >>I read Psalms 29-45, but only studied several of these them deeply (Psalms 29, 30, 31, 34, 40, 42). Favorite in this chunk of Psalms was Psalm 42.

(1) Eliminate all dairy and gluten except for one cheat meal per week >> Greg is so great with helping me stay accountable with this and I have been feeling a lot better overall! 
(2) Get out there and run or do free weights twice a week   >> I did not do it twice a week. More like once a week with a few exceptions of 2/week. I NEED to get better about this!!

(1) Read 8 books >> September Book Reviews
(2) Study and get PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certified for my children's ER job  >> Woohoo!
(3) Complete the online training I need to do this month

(1) Write 1-2 chapters of my novel >> I didn't get ANY novel writing done this month :(
(2) Blog atleast 15 times for the Blogtember Challenge! >> ALMOST! 13 posts for #Blogtember (see them HERE)

(1) Have a friend (or a couple) over for dinner once this month >> NO. We really want to do this again.
(2) Write three hand-written notes to friends who live in different cities >> I think I only did one.

(1)Take time on Sunday evenings to ask each other THESE questions to help reflect on our week and how we can be helping one another in the following week. We've been slacking on this the past few months! >> Only once this month
(2) Use THESE husband prayer cards to remember to pray for Greg daily. >> These are so helpful in helping me be more intentional in praying for Greg!

(1) Weekly discuss finances together 
(2) Decrease times we go to restaurants per month because OUCH! it's costing a pretty penny.

(1) Finish all the required paperwork and training for YoungLife Capernaum 
(2) Make some GED-preparation worksheets for the two Burmese refugee women I help teach English.


October Goals

(1) Read Psalms 46 - 66 and study atleast 8 of them in detail using whatever Bible study method I want.
(2) Study the book of James with my small group using the inductive Bible study method
(3) Pray for God's guidance, wisdom, & energy in the ministries I am involved/getting involved in, especially YoungLife Capernaum and co-teaching English to two Burmese refugees.

(1) Continue to eliminate dairy, gluten, white potatoes, and beans daily except for one cheat meal per week.
(2) Run twice a week; free weights & squats once a week. Get back to 3mi jogs by the end of the month
(3) Get into bed by 11pm

(1) Read 8 books
(2) Write one chapter of my novel
(3) Make an appt to catch up with the wise, godly woman who has been counseling me through my anxiety. 
(4) Finish reading, processing/journaling the book This Is Where You Belong: The Art and Science of Loving the Place You Live (by Melody Warnick) along with making my own Love Your City Bucket List to help me discover more about my city and feel more at home here.

(1) Send 2 hand-written letters in the mail to hopefully encourage or brighten someone's day
(2) Have a couple of friends over for dinner
(3) Host a tea-party-themed book club meeting at our apartment for my gal friends as we discuss The Hiding Place, decide on a new book, and decide on a catchier name for our club than "Ladies Book Club"

(1) Ask/journal THESE questions every other week to see how we can be loving and serving each other.
(2) Pray for Greg for specific things using THESE husband prayer cards 
(3) Work together to decrease our monthly restaurant spending
(4) Celebrate our ONE year anniversary October 17th in Lake Tahoe!!! (HERE is a bucket list for our trip)


What are YOUR goals this month? Anything that went really well in September that you'd like to share/celebrate?


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