May Goals (& April Goals Review)

Ah, April. You were good to me. I tried simplifying some of my goals and working on a few things that I especially was needing to tackle this month -- namely the Food Elimination Diet that I did all month to help me target different food sensitivities (more info below). I also celebrated my husband's birthday at the start of April and finished the month off with a surprise visit to see my family! Alas, May is here! It's quickly warming up here in the lone star state, and I am about to see what 'hot as Texas' really means in the next few months. But, for now, I am looking forward to the calm before the storm, or rather, the comfortably warm before the sweltering heat, as well as tackling a few more goals this month.

April Goals Review
(1) Review memory verses from Luke that I learned. (Made flash cards for the 7 verses and reviewed them a few times)

( 1) Complete the 4-5 week Food Elimination Diet so I can figure out what my body is sensitive to.  (Yes! I noticed my acne, energy, and overall GI health were drastically improved after eliminating gluten, all processed foods, dairy, soy, corn, and caffeine. Once I entered the re-introduction phase, where I added a food group every 3 days, I noticed all three of these git worse).
(2) Exercise 2x/week  (Yes! I am finally making some gains in my jogging distance and free weights)

(1) Review old nursing coursework and journal articles to prepare for starting my new jobs  (This is a work in progress, but I have been trying to go through some of my old lessons to review)
(2) Read one book that I have read before that is already in my bookshelf along with 4-5 new books  (Yes! I read Let Me Be A Woman by Elisabeth Elliot along with reading 8 books. See my April book reviews HERE)

(1) Have a couple over for a homemade dinner and have intentional conversation with them and my husband. (I had a friend over for tea and dessert)
(2) Write to my Compassion Child
(3) Write 4 encouraging letters to friends

(1) Work on budgeting with Greg, discussing finances (Yes! We have been intentionally working on budgeting on Tuesday nights this month! I am proud of us!)

(1) Two acts of kindness towards stranger
(2) Play my violin atleast twice
(I unfortunately didn't have time to do either of these this month & honestly forgot about the random acts of kindness goal until the last weekend of the month) 

7 Luke verses I'm trying to memorize; re-read one of my favorite books, Let Me Be A Woman;
had a friend over to catch-up over tea and GF shortbread cookies; did some exercising while
hiking on Greg's bday; Bible journaling while practicing lectio divina for Psalm 1; 
a delicious meal during my Food Elimination Diet; finally got around to starting a 
small indoor herb garden (a goal I've had for several years)


May Goals
(1) Practice lectio divina once a week with a Psalm (Bible reading method widely practiced for centuries in Benedictine monasteries that focuses on meditating and praying through a Bible passage (4 steps: read, meditate, pray, contemplate). It will help me practice selah (pausing and praising God) during Bible reading time.
(2) Stay on track with my Bible Reading Plan to read the whole Bible by the end of the year.
(3) Bible journal atleast twice to help me process what I am learning through my Bible reading and lectio divina.
(4) Review 7 Luke memory verses that I learned the past month with my flash cards.

(1) Increase milage to 3 miles by the end of the month
(2) Increase free weights (weight and frequency)
(3) Limit dairy, gluten, and processed food since these all have caused increased symptoms while on the Food Elimination Diet last month (and generally, all cause inflammation to some extent for everyone, so I should decrease the amount even if I had not had any noticeable symptoms).

(1) Learn & start to practice speed reading (anyone have any good resources??)
(2) Read atleast one book that's about writing novels as well as one book that I have already read years ago and loved.

(1) Write to my Compassion Child
(2) Write and send three encouraging letters to friends 
(3) Host either a single friend or a couple to our apartment for dinner

(1) Weekly discuss & journal answers to 6 intentional marriage questions  so that we can be making it a habit to be honest and open with each other. THIS article from Beating50Percent blog was an inspiration, as well as the book, A Severe Mercy (by Sheldon Vanauken). 
(2) Have a Saturday without any social events when we can just chill and enjoy being together

(1) Continue discussing budgeting together after dinner on Tuesdays to check how we are doing with our financial goals. We made a lot of progress last month and had some great conversations about our short-term and long-term financial goals, so I want to keep the momentum going. 

(1) Write to 3 fiction authors whose books I like. Tell them what I love about their books and ask if they have any tips for new writers with little to no experience in writing fiction. It's a long shot, but maybe they might respond! (I'm counting this as my 2016 goal to do something brave that scares me).


What are your goals for May? Any big gains or accomplishments in April?


  1. This single friend will come over for dinner!! Although, that would also include a road trip and/or flight and a place to stay for the night. haha :) :)

  2. This post is making me want to revisit my annual goals again. I love the specific categories that you used :) I'm glad you're making great progress on all your goals, especially the nutrition-related ones! I've also cut back on caffeine and sugary food. I noticed I'm less bloated and I could sleep better.

    1. Hi Patricia! Thanks so much! It has helped to break up the goals in specific categories for each month. My brain works well in organization, so I feel like its been helping me get more things done than when I have had all my goals in one long list. That is great that you have noticed change after decreasing caffeine and sugary foods! My body cannot handle very much caffeine so I have tried to be more careful about that too.

  3. yo!
    will you come help me check off my monthly goals!??! you're KILLING IT GIRL!
    I need to do some budgeting as well - its terrifying.

    1. Thanks, Amy! Yeah, budgeting was terrifying for me too! That's why it has taken us so long to finally sit down and work on it. I was letting Greg figure it out and making stupid excuses or getting busy with other stuff so I wouldn't have to do it (not cool). But the more we work on it, the easier it is. And I try to let Greg know when I have had enough for the night. It has helped us to schedule our budgeting talks for Tuesday nights, which helps me prepare mentally for it too. I have used Mint in the past and liked the layout. We are now using YNAM (You Need A Budget). It was really confusing at the start but we are finally getting used to it and it is helping us see trends in our spending so we can be more intentional about financial decisions each month

  4. You ROCKED April, Elena! Have you tried for your memorization? It's another great resource. And write those letters to the authors. I've just added another goal for May. To let people know when there is something I admire about them. One of my favorite authors passed away last October, and I just found out her husband passed away earlier today. My heart and prayers go out to the family.

    1. Hi LuAnn! I have not heard of ScriptureTyper and need to look that up asap! Thank you! I think that is a great goal to let people know if theres is something you admire about them. I am sure that makes their day to know they are appreciated!

  5. I'm so interested in that bible studying method! Thanks for sharing it! Good luck this month!

    1. Hi Brittany! I am not sure if you saw my post from Friday, but I posted all about lectio divina Bible studying method I mentioned above, if you are interested in reading more! I have really enjoyed digging into the Word using it!


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