February Goals

Happy February! Time to share some goals for the month! I am going to try to have a more intentional layout for my goal posts in 2016 that corresponds to my goals for this year (see 2016 Goals HERE ). I don't want to have random, time-consuming goals that don't fit in with my overall focus for the year, so the goals should fit within the below subgroups. This way, I will hopefully use my time efficiently and purposefully towards things that matter.

  1.  Study 1 Thessalonions 3 and 4 using Jen Wilkin's 5 P Method of Bible Study (scroll down to Women of the Word review for more info on this method  HERE). Then, discuss with Greg (who is also studying 1 Thessalonians)
  2. Continue studying Luke with Interface women's mentorship Bible study at church, doing the homiletics homework, praying for the gals in the group, and being honest and real with them.
  3. Continue listening to the Bible through Bible app (Leviticus, Numbers, & start Deuteronomy) to meet 2016 goal of reading the whole Bible using THIS Bible Reading Plan
  4. Listen to weekly teachings by John Mark Comer on the series,  Year of Bible Literacy
  5. Draw/write in Journaling Bible twice
  6. Memorize atleast one verse from Luke 
  1. Try 8 new recipes from Bulletproof: The Cookbook and compile a list of favorite on my phone
  2. Jog twice a week; build endurance and increase mileage. 
  3. Take vitamins, probiotics, and my magnesium + apple cider vinegar drink all month. 
  1. Have honest, vulnerable conversations with Greg and trusted friends about fears and anxieties (rather than avoiding issues and allowing them to steal my joy and peace)
  2. Continue taking a sabbath from social media on Sundays
  1. Read & review:  All The Light We Cannot See (Anthony Doerr), A Prayer Journal (Flannery O'Connor), Jesus Is For You (Judah Smith), Wonder (Raquel Palacio); The Screwtape Letters (C.S. Lewis)
  2. Take CPR for Healthcare Professionals class because my card expired a while ago and I need it once I start working again.
  1. Have one friend (or a couple) over for a homemade dinner and have intentional conversation, practice hospitality, and don't burn the meal.
  2. Send snail mail to a few friends 
  3. Write to the child I sponsor through Compassion
  1. Work on budgeting with Greg & discussing finances.
  2. Try to sell a few items we no longer use 
  1. Start new series on February 8th, In Every Season: A Series About Connecting Women In Every Season To Grow 

What are your goals for February? 


  1. Great Goals! I really need to start doing something like this and I love how each is categorized! We are working on our budgets right now too and trying to be more mindful about how we are spending. I have actually really been wanting to walk through Seven by Jen Hatmaker. Maybe I will add that to my goals for February! Have a beautiful afternoon!

  2. I love the idea of a social media "sabbath". I have a friend who completely unplugs on Sunday for the same purpose and it seems like such a beautiful way to be present and still. Lovely goals! Thanks for sharing!
    Peace, Sarah


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