Jan 7, 2016

Meet my new friend, Rhiannon!

I am so excited to have a guest on the blog today, Rhiannon from Whatsoever Is Lovely Living! Rhiannon and I were paired together through Solidarity Sisters for the month of December. Each week, we had different prompts sent by the Susannah (the mastermind behind Solidarity Sisters) to help us get to know one another more, as well as to support each other in our blogging journeys. I was very encouraged by Rhiannon's posts, especially her recent series, A Musical Journey to the Manger: 25 Song Advent. I am excited to have her hop over to my blog to introduce herself. 


Hello! It is such a pleasure and honor to be a guest on Beautiful Hope. During the month of December Elena and I got to know each other and we had the opportunity to encourage each other as we pursue our blogging journeys. It has been such a fun experience sharing ideas and encouraging each other. Being a blogger can be a hard road, but knowing there are others that are willing to come beside you and share their hearts is so uplifting.
As a way to share we decided to do a blog swap and introduce ourselves on each other’s blogs. My name is Rhiannon, I am a proud wife and mom. I have only been married for 2 ½ years, and it has been a wonderful adventure. I write over at Whatsoeverislovelyliving.com. My focus is for all women to discover the lovely inside of them. God created us with a beautifully unique design and he longs for each of us to discover that. Our life becomes so full when we no longer live in the lie of who we were or who the world says we are, but we embrace the truth of who God says we are.

It is easy to get weighed down by worrying about what others think of us or how are we being accepted in our culture. The passion of my heart is for us to cast of those worries and take on the heart of God that says we are beautiful! What if we started to understand that God is pleased with us? How would it change our everyday if we lived out of the joy of knowing that we bring pleasure to God by being who he created us to be? Does that mean we never change? Definitely not. As we understand that God loves us we seek to become more like him because we understand his perfect love.
I’m so blessed to be able to share a little of my heart here at Beautiful Hope. I’m blessed to know Elena and I pray God blesses your life and that you discover the lovely in who God created you to be!
Thanks so much for reading and be blessed!

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