Jan 3, 2016

December goal recap

Elena's Goals

1. Continue working on doing a weekly meal plan & prepare 4 meals per week.
I have been planning & grocery shopping for meals 2x/week & managed to cook (or re-heat homemade meals ) 4 meals a week for most of December.

2. Try two new recipes from cookbooks we own (we have a bunch that have gone untouched).
I made Maple Mustard Glazed Salmon (p. 142) and Southwest Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (p. 124) from Everyday Detox: 100 Easy Recipes to Remove Toxins, Promote Gut Health, and Lose Weight Naturally (by Megan Gilmore). 

3. Send Christmas & wedding thank you cards 

4. Read 4 books 
Read 5 books: You & Me Forever, Narnia: The Silver Chair, 7 Men,  The Inner Life, & Created To Be His Help Meet. Read my book reviews here.

5. Practice selah moments by pausing and praising God throughout the busyness of the Christmas season.
Greg and I continued journaling things we were grateful for, which helped us pause and praise (selah) during the busyness of the holidays. We also took sabbath moments where we read, journaled, and enjoyed some rest time amidst the busyness of the season. 

6. Join a local buy-sell-trade Facebook group and try to sell a few things 

7. Research local community writing classes / find online resources to improve writing

8.  Go through She Reads Truth's advent study, Advent: Born Is The King and memorize the Isaiah 9:6-7 together with the other She's doing the study. 
Oh my goodness! This was SO good!!!

9. Analyze results for survey (one) and send out survey (two). A bit vague for now, but more info on this soon.

10. Finish & send paperwork to get my name changed and to get my Texas ARNP license.
Last name officially changed with Social Security. Now I need a new drivers license, new banking checks, and I need to notify various organizations of my name change. Geez, there is so much that goes into this!

11. Blogging goals: 1)Review 2015's favorite memories and posts; 2) join atleast two different link-ups, The Circle and #Collaboreads).
Favorite 2015 moments (part one and two), #Collaboreads  and The Circle link-up posts

12. Workout 2x/week (restart jogging)  
I totally failed this and my body was feeling it. I am more sluggish and lacking energy I have when I am active. I only jogged once all month

Team Greg & Elena Goals

1. Finish reading and discussing You & Me Forever (by Francis and Lisa Chan)
This book is SO good!!! You can download the app on the book's website to get the free online book!

2. Write to our Compassion children we each sponsor

3. Discuss budgeting, loan repayment, and our giving to church and ministries. 

4. Continue journaling things we are thankful for throughout December to help keep us focused on God's blessings through the Christmas hustle and bustle.

5. Enjoy time with family and friends in Texas (various Christmas parties coming up!), but carve out time for just us as well. I am hoping to visit San Antonio's Riverwalk (all decked out in Christmas lights) and the adorable town of Gruene (with all it's old-town charm and holiday events).
Yes! We had lots of time with his family in Houston, which was awesome! And we also found time to do a few Christmas-y things in San Antonio, like visiting the Riverwalk on Christmas Eve and taking a day trip to nearby Gruene


Here are some of the special December moments!
(top left to right: sipping on wassail (hot apple cider) at the Waissel Fest in New Braunfels, TX; day-trip to Gruene (both photos); 90's Christmas Party; Maple Mustard Glaze Salmon; view of a new path I took during my one jog this month; Houston vs Clippers game during one of our visits to Houston; San Antonio's Riverwalk bedazzled in lights; our first wedding together as Mr. and Mrs.)


  1. Wow, looks like you nailed nearly all of your goals. Score!

  2. Wow! Y'all have been killing it with your goals! Way to go! Also, I recently changed my name (no marriage involved) and there is a lot that goes into it! Although, it's fairly easy to do. But, even when there were certain organizations I may have forgotten about, I just changed it whenever something from them popped up. :) Again, way to go on those goals!! :)


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