Sep 5, 2015

September Goals

I know am a little late, but I wanted to follow up on August's goals and share September's list. It'll be a crazy month to be sure! I am taking a two-day trek with my parents to  move all my belongings to Texas and will take them around town to see they city I will soon call home. Once they leave, I'll be staying with friends for 2.5 weeks and making daily trips to Greg's apartment to unpack, organize, and decorate. We'll also be attending a few sessions of premarital counseling and driving to Houston for a wedding shower his family and friends are hosting for us. I then fly home at the end of September with 2.5 weeks left at that point until the wedding! Eeek! Such an exciting and busy month! I've been waiting for this last leg of our engagement season, and I can hardly believe we're here!

August Goals

1.  Send paperwork to transfer my RN license to Texas

2. Write to my Compassion International child

3. Check Mint weekly to budget and see spending trends

4. Exercise 2-3 days a week with a mix of pilates, jogging, gym 

5. Work on increasing clean eating 
(kinda, sorta, not really)

6. Read 3 books 

7. Go through "This Is The Gospel" series by She Reads Truth
It was awesome! Now studying Daniel with She Reads Truth

8.  Pick up my dress and then drop it off with my seamstress to get altered

9.  Have a garage sale 
(Yes! Another one tomorrow!)

10.  Meet with 2-3 friends for intentional and honest conversations 
(Yes! Such a blessing to be be encouraged and loved by so many friends!)


September Goals

1.  Post about our  Yellowstone family trip that we took back in July

2.  Post 2-3x/week for Bailey's Blog-tember Challenge (see the first 3 I did so far)

3.  Read 3 books, which should be do-able since I have a 2-day trek to Texas next week!

4. Start "Seven Sacred Pauses" where I stop and have selah moments throughout the day to rest and refocus on the Lord rather than on stress. Even if I do just 2-3 pauses a day, it has been helping this week already with my stress level!

5. Work on two photobooks for my parents that they've requested of recent vacations.

6. Work on our wedding slideshow

7. Apply for pediatric nurse practitioner and/or RN jobs in Texas

8.  Exercise 2-3x/week with a mix of jogging, pilates, and strength-training 

9.  Eat cleaner and increase my protein intake  (I really don't eat enough protein)

10. Set aside a day per week that Greg and I are praying intentionally for our wedding day to be a day of joy rather than busyness, chaos, and stress. 

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