Sep 25, 2015

Blog-Tember 25 // 3 Songs I Am Currently Liking

Today's Blog-Tember challenge is to  share three songs I am currently connecting to.

"You Are The Best Thing"  by Ray LaMontagne
A sweet love song with a retro vibe and a soulful voice, this song has been on repeat during our love story and I've gotten to know and love more of Ray's love songs like Shelter, Forever My Friend, and Hold You In My Arms thanks to Greg (and Pandora). It gets me excited to spend the rest of my life with (apart from God's redeeming love through Jesus) the "best thing that's ever happened to me"and I often find myself singing it to Greg during our visits. 

"Be Thou My Vision" by Kings Kaleidoscope
I loved hearing this super talented group leading worship at church in Seattle 4 years ago and it's so awesome to hear their new music (though their modern renditions of classic hymns are my favorite). They have violins, a cello, trumpet, xylophone and more instruments that bring a unique sound, but their heart for bringing the gospel through their music is the best part. They are the real deal. I love their version of a beloved hymn of mine, "Be Thou My Vision", which has been on my heart in the past months with all the changes that are coming my way with moving to Texas and getting married. Sometimes my prayers consist of these exact words because I want God to be my vision, guiding my every step in what He sees is best. 

"I Are Not Alone" by Kari Jobe 
Through the lonely and stressful  days as well as the joyful days, it is such a great reminder that I am not alone. Jesus is Immanuel, "God with us", and He is faithful and ever-present. 

What are some of the songs you are liking and connecting to?

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  1. Kari Jobe and "I am not Alone" was an awesome pick......gotta get this song for my playlist.......inspiring for those having though times....Thank you for sharing!


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