journal of a miss to mrs // our engagement photos

Several weeks ago, after jointing my family for our Yellowstone trip, Greg was able to spend the weekend in town, so we had a close friend (who's an amazing photographer and our soon-to-be wedding coordinator!) spend an hour with us as the sun was setting to snap some engagement photos. I am in awe of how well she captured us so well. Our goofy sides as well as the glances full of love and excitement for what is to come. Jen, you rocked it!

This season of planning and preparing for our wedding -- and even more importantly, our marriage -- has been full of busyness and emotional roller coasters. From packing up boxes and preparing to move to Texas, to saying goodbye to patients that I have been privileged to work with as a pediatric nurse practitioner, to soaking up every minute with my siblings before I am halfway across the country, there has been so much to do and to process the past few months. As I look at these engagement photos, however, I am so excited for each day that passes because I am one day closer to marrying my best friend and my beloved. This man who took a chance on me over a year and a half ago and decided to pursue me so intuitionally and patiently. This man who values my purity, modesty, my opinions, my desires and plans. This man who loves me even when I say and do things that are unlovable. This man who points me to the greatest Love there ever will be: the Love of Jesus Christ for us. Greg's love is a portrait of what love is meant to me. It's not perfect and he fails me at times as do I many times. We are imperfect in our own attempts at loving one another but the perfect love of God has been leading and teaching us thus far, and I am so excited to grow in that love more and more.

I prayed for a man like Greg for many years before we met. I started a journal eight years ago that was filled with prayers for my future husband and letters to him about both joyful life events (like graduating  undergrad and grad school, getting my first nursing job) as well as writing about periods of loneliness and anxiety when I wondered if he'd ever come into my life. I held on to that journal, hoping and trusting that one day a man would sweep me off my feet and love me for all of me, faults and all. And then, one wintery day in San Antonio, he appeared and my life has never been the same. He filled my days with joy, encouraged me when I felt I was slipping, and trusted me with his own heart.  I am so honored and blessed to soon be this man's wife! 


"I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine . . . " 


  1. oh my goodness - i love these!
    y'all are so precious, and your story is just beautiful!
    <3 <3 <3
    (ps the back light behind y'all is breathtaking!)

  2. These photos are just amazing...
    what a wonder-full journey the Lord is leading you on!

  3. So you can obviously tell I'm reading through your blog right now, haha. :)

    But I have to say, these photos are simply spectacular. I can honestly say that there is so much love in these photos, and you can tell it's true and authentic, not staged. You two are the sweetest couple ever and I love that I saw this post after reading about you and Greg. It really just solidifies the fact that God brought the two of you together with so much love and a plan for a bright future, too! :)


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