Aug 5, 2015

NYC // part three

We had a blast exploring NYC in May and I especially loved the last full two days since my handsome mister joined our little crew. If you want to see the first few days of the trip, visit the links below:

These two days were both sunny and warm, which was perfect for all of our outdoor adventures. We started off the day by renting bikes near Central Park. 
 We then grabbed our Top of the Rock tickets and ooh'd and ahh'd over the iconic Manhattan view. It was packed with tourists of course, but this view just cannot be missed!
 I was still awe-struck by my one-week old engagement ring, so I ended up taking a lot of photos of it. I didn't ever want to be one of "those" girls that was obsessed with taking photos of her ring, but when in New York, I think I am allowed a few, right? 
 Well, "a few" is subjective, really, so it turned it a bit of a photoshoot of sorts and it soon got goofy.
The next day, we decided to visit the 9/11 Museum and  Memorial. We knew it would be emotionally heavy remembering the lives that were lost that day, but it was even more devastating than we'd imagined when we walked through the basements of the two towers and read countless stories and heard audio from personal voicemails and new stations. 
It took awhile for us to process what we saw in the museum, but after talking and walking around Lower Manhattan, we knew we needed to eat something. We headed to Little Italy and found Lombardi's, which certainly did not disappoint. Afterwards, we walked down a few blocks and grabbed some gelato for dessert
Eventually, we made our way towards the Brooklyn Bridge. We caught a magnificent sunset on the bridge and tried to soak it all in since it was our last evening in NYC. 
 It got a tad windy, but it was still warm, so we didn't mind
 We even made time for some photo-bombing 
We got a little dose of photo-bombing from random people walking by :)
We finished off the day watching the sunset from (the free!!) Staten Island Ferry

NYC was an amazing! I love traveling with my sisters and it was long-standing bucket list goal to take a trip together. And icing on the cake is that my Greg going us a few days in the trip and we got to have adventures together one week after he proposed. The giddiness and excitement were still in full gear, so it was extra sweet… I'm saying call-your-dentist-you-have-a-cavity type of sweetness! 

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