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I am still having trouble believing I am really engaged and will be a wife in exactly 5 months! Wow! It's been a crazy-beautiful 2 weeks since Greg proposed and I finally get to sit back a bit and share some photos and the story of his proposal. I know I am biased, but I think Greg did a phenomenal job!

Saturday, May 2nd,  I woke up earlier than usual and remember missing Greg and being really excited that I would see him on FaceTime at 9:30 that morning. He had convinced me that he was visiting family a few hours from San Antonio, and so I texted him asking how he slept and asked him if he could say hi to his family for me. He said he would and that I'd get a chance to say hi on FaceTime as well (sneaky one, he is!). I also texted him a long list of things I wanted to do because I was hoping the day would be productive (little did I know my plans would change drastically, haha!).

At 9am, I hear a knock on the door and I answer it. No, it wasn't Greg, but rather, a man delivering flowers from the florist Greg uses whenever he orders flowers for me. He handed me a bouquet of beautiful pink tulips in a pretty pink vase. I love tulips, so I excitedly wrote Greg a text, thanking him for the sweet surprise. I then remembered that Greg always has the florist write a little note for me that gets hidden in the bouquet, so I eagerly searched for it… I found it and my heart stopped:
At this point, I was confused and shocked all at once. I even texted him asking if I should bring my computer to the park!  He affirmed he was in town and that I'd see him at the park, which we had visited over a year ago during his first visit as my boyfriend. It was a special place because the day we went there was the day I woke up knowing for sure that I was falling in love with him. How thoughtful that he thought to propose there! But, hey, I am getting ahead of myself…

I figured at that point he was very likely going to propose that day, but part of me was still so shocked that he managed to surprise me (I unintentionally mess up people's surprises) and even more shocked that The Day had finally arrived. So, after running around my apartment in a rush of emotions, trying to figure out what to wear (and trying on atleast 3 different outfits!), I eventually hopped on the freeway and made my way to Laurelhurst Park. 

Before leaving, though, I remember getting on my knees and praising God for Greg. I was overcome with so much joy and amazement at God's faithfulness in both of our lives, before meeting, during our dating season, and now as we drew closer to getting married. I kept thinking, "If Greg loves me this much, how much more does God love me with His unfailing and limitless love?" It was a tangible way to get a glimpse of God's personal love and it was awesome. On the drive to the park, songs on the radio about God's amazing love filled my car and again, I was overflowing with joy and peace about this new season in our love story. It was an awesome moment that I won't forget. 
Greg gave me specific instructions regarding which entrance to use once I got to the park, so I started walking down the path and saw flowers directing me to where he was standing on a hill, next to a picnic blanket. I was still in a state of shock, and by the time I got to him, I poked him a few times, asking if he was really there. He said some sweet words, affirming his love and devotion to me, then got on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Afterwards, two of his friends, who had travelled form Texas, appeared with their cameras in tow. They had caught the whole proposal in photos and video, which was the one thing I had asked Greg regarding a proposal. It was perfect!
 He's waiting for me  . . . and here I come
 haha, she caught a photo of me poking him to make sure this wasn't a dream :)
Again, I was overwhelmed, but in such a joyful way! These friends took a few photos of us, then left to explore town as Greg and I enjoyed our picnic. 
The rest of the day was dreamy and exciting and lovely all at once. We visited the lilac garden (it was the third weekend in a row that I visited!), had BBQ for a late lunch, visited family, and then visited some friends as well. We ended the night praying together for this new journey. 
Since then, I heard of all the details that went into Greg's proposal, which made it all the more heartwarming and beautiful, including him renting an AirBnb room, taking public transit from the airport after midnight (yikes!),  buying my dream ring, and how our two friends joyfully offered to fly down within a  few days to help him with setting up the picnic and taking photos. 

I am overjoyed and humbled at this great love. Life will get a bit chaotic as we plan a wedding, as I move half-way across the country, transfer my RN and ARNP licenses and start looking for a new job. Lots of change for a girl who likes consistency and routine! But I am trusting that though there will be lots of planning and change, it will also be a season of joy as we prepare to be husband and wife.


  1. ahhhh i loved reading this!
    he totally surprised you!! :) :)
    and i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that you gave God glory before even going to see him, it just shows that Christ is the foundation of y'alls relationship!

    1. Thanks, Amy!! He totally did! I was shocked for the rest of the weekend and on towards the next week! Thank you! It was an awesome moment before heading down to meet him. I was so overcome with this feeling of the greatness of God's love for me in such a tangible way, which really is Greg and my story really. Our whole dating season, I have seen God's love in a real, flesh and blood way. I've always had a hard time understanding God's personal love for me, Elena. I never doubted His love for the world, but always felt I had to work to earn His love because of my unworthiness. God has graciously and lovingly showed my throughout the past 4-5 years about his personal love for me, even when I was a lonely grad student living away from family and friends and wondering if a godly man would ever notice me. His love was deep and real then. But there was an ache in my heart that didn't fully comprehend His love for me in spite of my mistakes and blunders. And Greg shows me this constantly (because I have a lot of blunders, I assure you). He pours grace over and over as I say and do rotten things out of frustration, anger, or just plain selfishness. Throughout our dating, I have had the constant thought "If Greg loves me/forgives me/pursues me this much, how much MORE does God do all of this? It's a humbling as well as glorious thought!

  2. This is one of the best proposal stories I have ever read! Like Amy said, I love that the first thing you did was praise God and thank Him for Greg! Such a beautiful picture of what He has done for you both and what I'm sure He will continue to do as you guys enter a new season of engagement and then marriage! So happy for you, friend! I've loved getting to see you guys together. You guys are great! Congratulations!! :)


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