May 1, 2015

Goodbye April … Hello May!

April was a good month, but I am so excited for May! Warmer days (though I can't complain; the PNW has been glorious this spring!), one step closer to my favorite season (summer!), longer days, &  a long-awaited trip to NYC next week! Bring it on, May!

April Goals

>> Write to my Compassion Child (I received a sweet letter from my darling & replied)
>> Check Mint weekly for budgeting
>> Finish The Great DivorceFresh Wind Fresh Fire, and audiobook version of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, and start a new book. (Check out my review on the 5 books I read in April)
>> Put old (but cherished) photos and documents onto my external hard drive after to make more space on my computer (and maybe speed it up!). (Kinda? I organized and deleted unwanted documents, but I can't add anything to my external hard drive for some reason)
>>Work out twice a week 
>> Decrease my jogging mile/minute average by 10 sec. (I averaged at about 30sec faster per mile this month! But then I started having horrible back pain, so I took the past 2 weeks off)
>> Start a new Bible study  (I am digging deep into Habakkuk in April and May)
>> New crockpot recipe (lemony chicken stir fry with asparagus was oh, so good!!)


May Goals

>>Write to my Compassion Child
>> Check Mint weekly for budgeting and financing
>> Back stretches (6min total) atleast 3x/week to help my back pain
>> Try out pilates through youtube videos
>> One new recipe
>> Finish 2 month study of Habakkuk
>> Finish Mama Maggie and I Tried Until I Almost Died. Start & finish And The Shofar Blew, Steinbeck's The Pearl, and listen to audiobook of Prince Caspian. Skim through Introverts in Love.
>> Link-up with The Circle to share a mood-board of my choice
>> Enjoy every minute in NYC with Greg and my sisters!!!
>> Sell atleast 4 things through Facebook buy-sell groups
Fun times in April! (Top left, clockwise: Forest Park hike for Greg's bday; Downtown Portland; Seattle day-trip; Hood River day trip w/ Greg, sisters, &  brother; Departure Lounge & Restaurant; Woodland Tulip Festival; my mom in her element at Hulda Klager lilac festival; Hulda Klager's historic home on my 2nd weekend in a row; my favorite flowers (tulips & peonies)

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