Dec 30, 2014

delighting in 1000 gifts // part 6

I am so grateful for being inspired by Ann Voscamp's book, One Thousand Gifts, to daily write down three gifts/blessings in this past year. With just one day left of 2014, I am looking back at more blessings from this past year. It's been an year full of adventure as well as hardships, but through it all, God was so faithful. 

Here's a review so far:

And now here are some of my favorite gifts from this past summer:

#645-#651. I spent my birthday with my handsome Texan in his city. He had sweet surprises all day long, such as peonies (my favorite), antique shopping in an adorable little western town outside of the city, amazing authentic bbq, & he agreed to watch Pride & Prejudice with me. Best. Birthday.Ever. 
 #682-#692. Family beach getaway at my favorite beach in the Pacific NW, Cannon Beach. Quality time with each other (and with our adorable niece and nephew!), great seafood, early morning Bible study with the ocean view  while everyone was still sleeping, exploring lesser known beaches such as Oswald West and Hug Point, holding my toddler nephew during the 4th of July firework show on the beach. So much fun and so relaxing!

#709. Encouraging and heart-felt condolences, flowers, and prayers  from friends and coworkers when my beautiful grandma passed away this past summer. We had lots of time with extended family as well, which helped us grieve as well as celebrate the legacy she left behind in such a large and amazing family. 

#717 -#726. A few weeks later, a weekend trip to an uncle's lake house with several aunts, my grandpa, parents, and a few cousins. My sweet grandpa was able to do what he loves (fish) while being surrounded family who love him. It was so great to be with family without plans or itineraries. Just to be together and enjoy the blessing of having family to hold onto during the grieving process of loving our beloved grandma.
My uncle and grandpa's early morning fishing session
#730, #741. Fresh flowers from a farmer's market near my apartment. All summer long, I stopped every Thursday after work. 

#757. Starting a new series called All of Nature Declares. I really enjoyed looking at different aspects of nature that "declared" the beauty and faithfulness of the Creator!

#758. Working at a pediatric clinic where my coworkers and bosses allow (and actually encouraged!) me to take time off and lighten my schedule to help me deal with a difficult season of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.  I thought I'd look weak and incompetent, but instead I felt supported and appreciated.

#763. My two youngest brothers slept over one night in August and we had a blast!

#764-#783. My Handsome came to visit me in August. We explored the Pacific NW in all its summertime glory! Some highlights included day trips to the Cannon Beach, Seattle, and the Columbia Gorge.

Since I haven't quite finished sharing all my favorite gifts of 2014, I'll share some more in the first few weeks of 2015 to help kickstart another year of looking at the everyday blessings that otherwise can go unnoticed in the busy (and oft times painful) seasons.


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  1. I've only been subscribed to your blog for a few months and I'm already so excited when I see another post notification in my inbox. You are so cute! and I love every. single. post. =) Happy New Year!!!!!


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