goodbye august, hello september

August was a busy and eventful month! It was filled with beautiful moments and seemed to fly by! I cannot believe we have entered into September and zooming full-speed ahead towards autumn. I hope to work on some of the goals that have been recycled month after month (like the liver detox and jogging again).

August Goals
+ jog outside twice a week and find new trails and/or roads --> Honestly, I am not sure if I went jogging once all month :( It was far too hot (I cannot jog in hot weather) but I was so busy on my days off :(
+ listen to atleast 1 new Bulletproof Radio podcast or other health-related podcast --> Not yet
+ get to bed by 11:30pm --> I did this roughly half of the month! That's an improvement!
+ read Meet Me in the Meadows and Mere Christianity and three chapters from Desiring God --> Finished Desiring God and making progress on Mere Christianity and Meet Me in the Meadows
liver detox/ juice cleanse --> Not yet! 
+ meet with three friends for coffee/lunch  --> Yes!
+ meet with my "little sister" I mentor --> I saw her a few times at church and texted her, but we have yet to hang out again!
+ enjoy "living in the moment" when my boyfriend visits me for 5 days [rather than worrying about being apart again and stealing joy away from the brief time we get to spend together] --> :)
+ finish the Justice study through She Reads Truth  [it is sooo good!]
+ start a new series [more info coming soon!]
+ 2 new recipes --> paleo crockpot chili ,  paleo banana pancakes, and gluten-free rosemary shortbread cookies  . Both so good!!

September Goals
+ jog and/or gym twice a week
+ Finish reading Meet Me in the Meadows and The Golden Key (by George Macdonald)
+ Get to bed by 11:30pm 50% of the nights
+ Meet with my "little sister" I mentor
+ Dig deep in the new Hosea study from She Reads Truth
+ Catch up on some of my favorite blogs, such as this one and this one
+ liver detox cleanse
+ Write to my Compassion International child
+ Attend a nurse practitioner seminar on mental health
+ 2 new recipes
+ memorize 2 verses from Hosea study

P.S. did I mention that I loved August? Here are a few of my favorite moments:
a wedding, time with my sweet mister exploring my hometown(s), kayaking, starting a new She Reads Truth study (Hosea), meals with friends, family time, picking out flowers for cousins' baptism at a park, picking fresh lavender, paleo crockpot chili, hanging out with my adorable nephew and niece,  beautiful sunsets, and picnics.


  1. Great goals, Elena! Love the pics, too. I need to start setting some goals for myself again - I'm kinda in the doldrums. Your "sweet mister" seems just that - where did you meet? Feel free to e-mail me if you want to share the story. =)

    1. HI Bess! I am really liking your posts for the blogtember challenge! And thank you! I started being more consistent about reachable goals in January and it has allowed me to focus my time on the important things as well as reach goals I thought were not realistic or doable (which always feels so good!)
      p.s. You've got mail ;-)

  2. How did you like "Desiring God" ? =) I've yet to get my Hosea packet (I'm moving slower these days), but I too, am looking forward to diving into it!

    1. Hi Nat! I liked it overall! It took me FOREVER to read because I could only deal with one chapter at a time since it is such a dense book. That said, it was full of great theology and was awesome to see how enjoying God is so practical in the sense of every season of life, and ever corner of life (including being on mission, finances, relationships, etc). What was your overall impression?

  3. LOVE all of these goals - and i'm interested ot hear about this liver detox!

    1. Thanks! I am looking at a few different resources. I'll let you know how it goes once I start it!

  4. You're a little bit of a night owl, aren't you? :) 11:30 pm would be a super late night for me, but maybe I shouldn't admit that, it's embarrassing!

    1. haha, yes! GUILTY! Though I am slowly starting to work on it! I feel SO much better when I got to bed earlier!


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