Jan 12, 2014

goal-setting // a song for a new year

song for a new year
Lara Casey's goal-setting series had a fun challenge: Choose a song to define your vision for 2014. She explains: "A song that lights your heart on fire and makes you feel alive and connected to what you want most". Music has a mysterious way of bringing a myriad of emotions to the surface, whether amazement, hope, joy, or sorrow. And this is not merely anecdotal;  one psychotherapist cites biological and psychological benefits from music such as decreased stress and depression symptoms, increased competence, hope, and optimism (1)

After praying about what song I wanted to choose to fire me up for this new year, I checked my iTunes library and my eyes fell on a song that has ministered to my heart the past few year. It encapsulates my vision for 2014: More than anything, I want to desire Jesus. I want Him to be my greatest delight. I want my eyes to focus on Him whether I am in church, at work, sipping on some tea in my arm chair in my apartment, or out in the community. I want to desire Jesus. Truth be told, some days, I just don't. I desire other things more than Him. I take my eyes off Him and focus on things around me that can never supply the same joy and peace that come from Jesus. 

Here are the lyrics of the beautiful song. May it be the anthem that is held above all that I plan or hope for this year. Check out the song here and read the beautiful lyrics below.

"I Desire Jesus" 
{ Hillsong United }

I desire Jesus, 
Precious Lamb who ransomed me
Upon the cross, He took my sin
By His blood He set me free

I desire Jesus
Oh His Name my soul esteem
For upon His thorn-scarred brow
Is the crown of victory

He is worthy of all honour
All glory to His Name
He alone deserves our highest praise
And forever He will reign

I desire Jesus
Triumphant One, the earth awaits
For on that day the earth will shine
With the glory of Your Name

You are all glorious
You are all glorious
My heart leans in
My soul must sing
You are all glorious

Beautiful words, right? It comforts my heart and propels me forward to pray for this all-important desire for the One who set me free and redeemed me.

Here are some runner-up hymns that also speak truth and hope for a new year:
>> He Leadeth Me [written by William Bradbury]. This rendition is beautiful.
>>  All The Way My Saviour Leads Me [written by Fanny Crosby]. Chris Tomlin's version has been a comfort to my heart in the past few years. 
>> Savior, Like A Shepherd, Lead Us [written by W. Bradbury]. Fernando Ortega's version is worth a listen.
Are you sensing a trend? Like a good shepherd tending and guiding his flock, Jesus desires to lead us. My desire for 2014 is a surrendered will that is yielded unto the loving and perfect hands of Jesus. 


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    1. It's a powerful song, Gennean! Whenever I listen to it, the Holy Spirit whispers in my heart, "really? Do you really desire Jesus?" because sometimes I desire earthly things more from the looks of what I spend my time, money, and attention.

  2. I've gotten a little behind in Lara's posts and haven't read this one of hers yet but I absolutely love the idea, definitely going to have to do that yet! Also love the song you picked!

    1. Thank you, Chantel! Lara's posts are great, right? So inspiring to live a Jesus-focused year!

  3. Love that song! The song that has really been resonating with me (for like 6 months now) is Oceans by Hillsong.

    1. I love that one too! Hillsong in general is just amazing! all the songs they come out with are such a blessing!


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