Nov 5, 2015

Yellowstone adventures // Mammoth Hot Springs

It's been awhile since I shared travel adventures, but I loved out Yellowstone family trip from this past July and wanted to share some of the fun memories! My oldest brother and his wife did an awesome job of planning the trip and we ended up seeing a good portion of the humongous national park. There was a lot of driving, but it was enjoyable since there was so much beautiful landscapes to admire.

The drive took about thirteen hours from Oregon with a short pitstop in Billings, Montana to pick up Greg from the airport since he joined us :) We arrived at our beautiful log cabin in Gardiner, Montana (my oldest brother and his wife rented the cabin through VRBO) and relaxed for a few hours, then headed to the nearest entrance to Yellowstone National Park (the north entrance) a mere 15-20 minutes away. The north entrance boasts one of my favorite attractions: Mammoth Hot Springs, which is where we hung out the first evening. 

Mammoth Hot Springs is a large collection of hot springs on step-like hills (or terraces) of multi-colored limestone. It is so incredibly beautiful! We took a wooded stairway up to different hot springs that are part of the Mammoth Hot Springs complex and watched the sunset amid the beauty before us. It was a perfect way to start our Yellowstone adventure!

If you ever plan on taking a trip to Yellowstone, make sure to stop at Mammoth Hot Springs! 

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  1. So excited you're back blogging! Praying for blessings upon you & your family! Can't wait to see the wedding photos! =)


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