Jul 29, 2015

NYC // part two

It's been a very busy month for me, so excuse the absence from this little space of mine. It's moving day/week for me and I need a little break from all the packing, cleaning, laundry, and selling furniture through Facebook . . . so I wanted to revisit my trip to NYC and share some of my favorite photos from our second and third full days in the Big Apple. 

We used Big Bus Tours for our first two days in Manhattan because we wanted to get an overview of the city's sights (see our first day here). Some may snicker at the thought of a tourist trap like bus tours, but I love this company! I used Big Bus Tours in London two years in a row and loved the service there too. There are great commentaries on the bus, a free boat tour, and you don't have to worry about navigating the transit system for a day or two! You just have to look for the Big Bus Tour bus stops and make sure you hop on the right bus (in NYC, a certain line is for Uptown and the other for Downtown, for example) and you're set! 

So, in no particular order, here are some of our fun adventures from our second day on the Big Bus Tours, followed by Sunday's adventures once Greg met us in the city for the rest of the trip.

It was a chilly and foggy day but we grabbed our hoodies and would not stand deterred. We hand much to see! Check out the Empire State Building in the bottom right photo!  So much fog!

We loved Little Italy and visited another time or two during our week in NYC. Gelato, pasta, pizza … it's a dream! We loved our italian meals with a view and felt like we were in Italy when all the shop owners and waiters actually spoke with an italian accent! 
 We loved the boat tour that was included in our Big Bus Tour. It was a windy ride up on the open deck, but the views were worth it!

The following day, we slept in and then lounged around our AirBnb apartment in Weehawken neighborhood of New Jersey. Around noon, I took the bus to the Port Authority bus terminal and met Greg. We had been engaged for a full week at that point and were so eager to enjoy the next few days together. He had lunch together and then headed back to Weehawken to do some grocery shopping and drop off his stuff at his nearby Airbnb apartment. We then met up with my sisters and headed back into Manhattan to do some sight-seeing in the afternoon.

We made our way to Bryant Park, our favorite little rest stop that we frequented almost every day of the trip because of its central location in Midtown. But it was especially special (tongue-twister maybe?) to visit with Greg that evening and watch the golden twilight hues turn into the sunset. We then headed to dinner at Indian restaurant near Rockefeller as we waited for our time to view the skyline from Top of the Rock. We bought the Sun & Stars package so that we'd see the view twice! A bit spend, but the view is magnificent and iconic, so it was worth it.

Side note: This is the dress I wore the first day I met Greg. It was a fun tradition the first year we were dating that whenever we met at the airport for our visits, I'd wear the dress and we'd reminisce about that first day we met. It was a sweet reminder and so I decided to wear it again at the bus terminal :)

Stay tuned for the last leg of our trip! 

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